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The builds in Heroes & Generals are named after various generals following the alphabet. This is because it is easier to remember that you are playing a build named 'Rommel' or 'Patton' than 'Build 98765'. The features in upcoming builds that have been confirmed (by the developers on the devstreams) are listed on the Upcoming Spaatz build page.

Rommel Family Builds[edit]

Build 94867[edit]

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Bug in "invite player to Squad"
  • Some Ribbon XP values not always displayed correctly
  • Fix for messed up characternames, no more mr. "HnG_States.CharacterNameTemplate HnG_States.CharacterNameTemplate"
  • Hosting Center Invalid Info bug fixed
  • Improved Matchmaker selection of server
  • Message added when player tries to change character class while equipped AT is in battle
  • Fixed bug - cannot delete squad
  • Client crashes fixed
  • Fixes for XPs not updated correctly between battles, requiring a relog
  • Bike bug fix online!!!..

Build 94539[edit]

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Reduced Player Squad info sent to flash
  • Fix static pricing info modified. Ensure Resupply cost deducted from player
  • Reduced resupply price for AT-weapons by 50% - Bazooka and Panzerschreck rockets
  • Fixed "Hostingcenter invalid info" bug
  • Increased AT battle xp + tweaked rank requirements for company officers down (~15%).
  • If playing First Blood Mission increases the rank of a player, then he does not get the notification for items unlocked.
  • Maximum amount of characters allowed on 1 account pr. battle is set to 30 (per faction, excluding General characters). Servers no longer send info about unavailable characters to action server.
  • Fancy database indexes to speed its performance
  • "Rommel XP multiplier" criteria changes: any player with at least 1 AT is eligible, and change the multiplier from 3X to 4X
  • ATs are rewarded 90% (previous 100%) of the cost of resources killed by them
  • Faster generation of training missions to reduce wait times.
  • Long range XP bonus adjusted (lowered a bit).
  • Tank hitboxes fixed
  • Pilots should no longer be so easily killed in their plane

Build 94460[edit]

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • 1st time user flow popup bug fixed
  • Mission list fix
  • Prices for resupply fixed

Build 94411[edit]

Older builds[edit]

Previous Changelogs has been moved to their own page.