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The builds in Heroes & Generals are named after various generals following the alphabet. This is because it is easier to remember that you are playing a build named 'Rommel' or 'Patton' than 'Build 98765'.

Spaatz Family Builds[edit]

Spaatz Addon #1 hotfixes[edit]

Build 99286[edit]

  • "Queue with friend" fixes
  • Soldier progression overlaping icons fix
  • Notification tray - Battlereports on factionless accounts will be listed correctly

Spaatz Addon #1[edit]


  • Renamed "Missions" to "battles" across the client
  • Open Faction Fighting feature added
    • You select a server (war) and only when you want you choose a faction in the war (to play war battles and move assault teams)
    • You can matchmake into staged battles (formerly called training missions) with characters from all factions you have available
    • Tier 2 popup has been changed to "Assault Gamemode unlocked" information
    • Also added explanation why you can't join War battles until you are rank 3 on a character or you purchase an academy trained character
  • Added Notifications in tray next to the chat button. You now get notifications on:
    • First battle of the day bonus (4 gold) (marked as read when the tray is opened or closed)
    • Ammo refill and update repair costs (marked as read when the tray is opened or closed)
    • Battle reports (must be opened to be marked as read)
  • Battle details have been updated with new layout
  • Support for match making with multiple characters
  • Added an explanatory tooltip to the disabled assault team upgrade button, shown in the case where the selected character does not have enough command points to support the size of the available upgrades.
  • You may now claim your veteran bonus for one of your previous battles, even if you're not already a veteran member, by buying veteran membership from a battle report.
  • Battles are now hard divided into tier 1 and tier 2 to allow tier 2 battles with tanks and recon
  • Reinforcement costs are significantly reduced for most Assault Team types.


  • Action servers now pooled across multiple clienthandlers
  • Battle list now uses pull requests instead of view push to get info. Data sent to client has been reduced significantly due to this.
  • Ensured all combinations of maps and assault team setups are generated for staged battles
  • Fix for player in party marked as not ready when entering match maker. Now marked as not ready when actually entering a battle instead.

Build 98458[edit]

  • Fix for players getting assigned to matches that never starts.

Build 98411[edit]

  • Backend updates

Build 97388[edit]

  • Tweaked start of war stockpiles and production values for both factions
  • Reduced cost of reinforcements

Build 97233[edit]

  • Changed algorithm for training mission generation
  • Fix for a rare case where command nodes could be stuck on enemy supplylines
  • Fix player tier when player buys a tier 2 character. This caused a 2 minute wait in the match maker until the player was bumped into tier 2
  • Fix for contested capital not selected as a spawn location for ATs (if that is the capital player choose while deploying).

Build 96977[edit]

  • Optimized (and changed) spawn location selection for assault team deployment
  • Feature: Better distribution of different skirmish maps
  • Feature: The script to end the war with Admintool should automatically give the win to the faction with most held capitals!
  • Bug Fix: "No connection to database" bugs fixed to improve client-server connection stability
  • Bug Fix: Improve deploy speed
  • Bug Fix: Some broken missions still kept getting players added. Given errors for players
  • LOD value clamp to avoid abuse
  • Bug Fix: Fix for servers not getting freed up when mission done.

The features in upcoming builds that have been confirmed (by the developers on the devstreams) are listed on the Upcoming Spaatz build page.

Older builds[edit]

Previous Changelogs has been moved to their own page.