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The builds in Heroes & Generals are named after various generals following the alphabet. This is because it is easier to remember that you are playing a build named 'Rommel' or 'Patton' than 'Build 98765'.

Spaatz Family Builds[edit]

Spaatz Addon #2[edit]

Spaatz Update #2 is here. After you had the ability to test the new build on the stable server it will now be deployed on the liveservers. Among other changes and features the hitbox / hit registration has received some serious tweaking, you can now also toggle keys, so you don't get painful fingers anymore :)

Action Game[edit]

  • Big Hit Detection update w. tweaks, changes and many improvements.
  • Hero controller's predict code updated and improved
  • Horns and sirens moved from client-side to server-side.
  • Key toggle functions for (optional):
    • Crouch
    • Map
    • Walk
    • Aim
    • Vehicle Cover
    • Sprint
  • Update stat definitions:
    • Vehicle damage and kill stats are awarded when the vehicles factionId is different from the killers and the vehicles drivers factionId is different from the killers
    • Vehicle kill stats are now awarded when the vehicle hits 0 hp and not when it is destroyed (i.e planes hitting the ground)
  • Second bomb of the P38 Lightning releases 0.5 seconds after the first one if you keep the space-bar pressed
  • Tracers bumped down a size from Medium to Small for the two scoped rifles.
  • Tracers reduced slightly in size... when "receiving" bullets and thereby seeing tracers up close coming towards you they are very big... here are the downgrades in diameters :
  • Tracer_Small diameter *0.5 (hand-weapons - SMG)
    • Tracer_Medium diameter *0.5 (Rifles - LMG - Planes)
    • Tracer_Large diameter *0.8 (Tanks)
    • Tracer_XL diameter *0.8 (Heavy Tanks)
    • Tracers (smoketrail) for AntiTank weapons have been recovered
  • Weapon basecode updates for all weapons due to broken recoil, all weapons should behave as they used to. We will of course monitor and tweak if necessary.
  • Weather setting tweaks - more power from the sun in the sunny day version, Foggy day is more bright and daylike, Better cloud settings in most of the presets, night is full moon lit being brighter overall
  • Fixed a bug where the system would charge you multiple times for the same repair
    • Fixed a bug that players were unable to buy Generals once they reached the 30 character limit
    • Several texture / terrain errors fixed
    • Upgraded Anti-Cheat system

Known Issues[edit]

  • Grenade bounce sound is buggy!


The features in upcoming builds that have been confirmed (by the developers on the devstreams) are listed on the Upcoming Spaatz build page.

Older builds[edit]

Previous Changelogs has been moved to their own page.