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The builds in Heroes & Generals are named after various generals following the alphabet. This is because it is easier to remember that you are playing a build named 'Rommel' or 'Patton' than 'Build 98765'.

Utz Update

Changelog and hotfixes listed here:

Timoshenko Update

Changelog updates and hotfixes listed here:


Resource Pools

All units show up in battle and are pooled together.
Accesspoints have 1 resource pool per flying/non flying resource type
    • A resource pool has a point system that controllers the speed at which resources can be used
Delay pool starts at max
Defender town accesspoint gets a multiplier depending on number of accesspoints they own at match start. Multiplier on Regen and Max
Support Vehicle
Max: 1200 (3 simultaneous)
Cost: 400 (3 per min)
Regen: 20 per sec
Max: 1200 (3 simultaneous)
Cost: 400 (3 per min)
Regen: 20 per sec
Max: 4800 (2 simultaneous)
Cost: 2400 (1 per 2 min)
Regen: 20 per sec

Squad System

A squad consists of a number of character slots
Each character slot has some required resources and some optional resources
There can be one vehicle spawn per character slot
A squad is attached to one accesspoint
All resources are drawn from the squads assigned accesspoint
At mission start only one of each type of squad per accesspoint will be sent to the action game, new ones will be requested as they fill up
The action server requests a new squad of the same type from the war server every time there are no more free slots. This is done per accesspoint
      • Mobile spawn
If a member of your squad currently “owns” a valid mobile spawn vehicle then it can be chosen in the spawn menu
The mobile spawn vehicles are:
All accesspoint players
Squad members
Transport planes
Halftracks can be used by all accesspoint players (Since they are limited per resourcepool)
Selection must be done within first 10 seconds of vehicle life
Player must have no spawn delay penalty
Vehicle and player must come from same accesspoint
    • Paratroopers
Paratrooper will first draw all the airborne resources from their accesspoint
If no more airborne then they will draw grounded
    • Vehicle spawning
The ability to spawn a vehicle is determined by
The squad slots optional and required resources
Resource availability from the squads accesspoint
Enough points in the resourcepools delay point system
Can be queued for in spawn menu
Ingame limitations(no spawnpoints, no room, etc.)
    • Vehicle despawning rules
No owner
Not being unlocked
Not being spawned in
More than 100m away
Owner died
Owner took a different vehicle
    • Vehicle enter rules
Empty seat
Not occupied by another team
Not owned by another team
    • Spawn delay
Defending armor teams have 15 sec extra spawn delay
    • Scoreboard
Shows all players
Assault team overview removed
Kills and deaths split into separate columns
Lives is the number of times a team can spawn, taking into account resource limitations
    • Spawn menu
Shows available spawns from Resource pool delay point system
Mouse over on accesspoints with resources shows a resource overview
All active capturepoints are shown
Cancel warning added when cancelling spawn selection
Cancel spawn selection when waiting for resource pool delay
Releases your reserved points so another player can take them
Players already in queue won't benefit from a player canceling
    • First blood support for the Soviet faction
    • A lot of small changes to make 3-faction fighting functional
GUI Updates
Added a kill box with info about your killer
Weapon name is the name the player has renamed his weapon to
New rank icons
New faction icons
    • On team kill a player doesn't drop his weapon
    • Weather Settings - Adjusted Tracers and Particles (intensities) to match the different weather settings better.
    • Screen space reflections for ingame objects (enabled for medium and high quality settings)
    • All characters have been re-skinned.
    • All characters have the fresnel (glow effect) adjusted
    • New Uniform variations:
Soviet Recon Uniforms
German Infantry Uniforms
US Infantry Uniforms
Soviet Infantry Uniforms
    • Handgrenades now damage the Anti-Air guns


    • Village Skirmish adjustments:
Extended the map-borders slightly
Slanted the terrain downwards towards the map-borders to break line of sight for snipers.
Added some trees and flooded areas to increase graphical fidelity of the map edges.
Created a new flanking route (SouthAp to the Chateau).
Added an AA gun emplacement at the crossroads of the new flanking route (SouthAP to Chateau).
Chateau: Added a ladder to the top floor to improove flow.
Chateau: Added a window at the top of the staircase to improove flow.
Chateau: Added a stack of crates by the garage to allow players to gain access to the garage roof.
Chateau: Made the eastern entrance through the compound wall smaller, to prevent halftracks being jammed in there.
Added a new flanking route (Chateau to Farm), in the east. Via this riverford you can now cross the river further downstream with vehicles.
Removed Brush in the center of Ruin due to it being abused as a hiding spot.
Added roads and terrain deformers to better indicate the riverfords at the tip of the forrested island.
Changed the ingame map to reflect the changes.
    • Airfield: Expanded O3 capture zone to include entire bunker.
    • Fixed a lot of texture errors on all maps
    • Being killed by an indirect HE shell now shows the killcam (Unless Camouflaged Badge is equipped)

Weapons & Vehicles

    • Soviet Faction Weapons
Added PTRD 1941 Anti-Tank (Anti-Tank)
Added Mosin-Nagant 1891-30 (Bolt-Action)
Added Mosin-Nagant 1891-30 Scoped Rifle (Sniper Rifle)
Added Tokarev SVT-40 (Semi-Automatic Rifle)
Added PPD-40 (Submachine Gun)
Added RPG-43 (Anti-Tank Grenade)
Added NR-40 (Melee)
Added Vulkan Stalin (Melee)
    • Soviet Faction Vehicles
Added BT-7 Model 1937 (Light Tank)
Added T-38 Model 1937 (Light Tank)
Added T-26 Model 1933 (Light Tank)
Added T-34 76 Model 1942 (Medium Tank)
Added T-34 85 Model 1944 (Medium Tank)
Added IS-2 Model 1944 (Heavy Tank)
Added SU-85 (Tank Destroyer)
Added GAZ-67 (Jeep)
Added Harley-Davidson 42WLA (Lend Lease) (Motorcycle)
Added BA-64B (Scoutcar)
Added M3A1 (Lend Lease) (Halftrack / APC)
Added Yakovlev Yak-9B (Fighter Plane)
Added Douglas C-47A Skytrain (Lend Lease) (Transport Plane)
Added Maxim M4 Quad Artillery (Anti-Air Gun)
    • All weapon values have been tweaked and changed
    • All upgrade have been tweaked and changed
All modifications you bought pre-Timoshenko have been removed and refunded in Credits
All weapons have a default ammo equipped
Fewer mods to chose from
Improved way for showing stats when modding
Added condtion bars to item renders on all screens showing weapons
    • Weapon & Vehicle silhouettes overhaul
    • New flashier and crispier MuzzleFlashes for the Pistols, Rifles, SMGs, LMGs and mounted LMGs (less dusty looking and more firery looking) - Also a bit more aggressive for the LMGs in general.
    • More smoke coming from the weapons together with the flashes.
    • Added N-K M3 6x30 US Optics (Binoculars)
    • A player can only have 10 active mines in a match at any one point in time. Placing nr. 11 will return the oldest mine to your stash
    • The already available Soviet weapons and explosives have been added to the Soviet progression tree
    • Weapon variants:
PPSh-41 Weapon variations: LightWood, DarkWood, VehiclePaint, Black, Used
PPD-40 Weapon variations: LightWood, DarkWood, VehiclePaint, Black, Used
Mosin-Nagant Weapon variations: LightWood, DarkWood, VehiclePaint, Black, Used, Camo
Mosin-Nagant Scoped Weapon variations: LightWood, DarkWood, VehiclePaint, Black, Used, Camo
Tokarev SVT Weapon variations: LightWood, DarkWood, VehiclePaint, Black, Used, Camo
    • Unlocks
Added all Soviet unlocks. Too many to mention
Captured spades now unlock on 2 levels for each enemy faction
Captured knives now unlock on 2 levels for each enemy faction
Moved SMG modify internals from level 7 to level 6
Moved SMG modify barrel from level 9 to level 8
Moved SMG modify sights from level 11 to level 10
Moved SA rifle modify internals from level 5 to level 8
Moved SA rifle modify barrels from level 4 to level 7
Moved SA rifle modify trigger from level 3 to level 4
Moved SA rifle modify sights from level 2 to level 3
Disabled infantry from purchasing NEW sniper rifles - existing rifles are kept.
Move unlocking basic enemy handgrenades from level 7 to level 5 (to align with soviet grenades)
Moved German Unlock of US-AT mine M1A1 to level 4
Moved US Unlock of German-ATmine Tellermine to level 3
Moved German unlock of Soviet AT-mine to level 3
Moved US unlock of Soviet AT-mine to level 4
Moved US and German captured AT-grenades to level 11
Moved captured bazooka/panzerschreck from Explosives ribbon level 11 to Tank Destruction Ribbon level 9 & 10
Moved AT-mine unlocks to level 1 from level 2 Tank Destruction ribbon
Moved US unlock of German s-mine from recon level 9 to level 11
Added unlocks for soviet vehicles
Moved unlock of bolt-action rifles from level 2 to level 5
Moved unlock of LMG's from level 6 to level 9
    • All factory ammunition now costs credits (very minimal amount)
Credit gain tweaked to compensate for this cost
    • Added wrench for Pilot

Strategy & Soldier Selection

    • Bombs away badge is now a multiplier on resupply time for fighterplanes instead of extra bombs
    • Battle System Changes
Skirmish missions do not take place on accesspoints anymore.
Friendly ATs are placed on the center of the battlefield.
Friendly ATs reaching a location with an assault battle can pass through and join the defenders at battlefield center.
Losing faction of an assault battle has to retreat, and no subsequent battle is triggered on the battlefield.
ATs placed on the center of town treat any friendly accesspoint on that battlefield as their retreat starting point.
If an attacker accesspoint is captured by defenders, all ATs are retreated from that accesspoint.
Newly deployed ATs are deployed on the battlefield center of friendly towns, not on accesspoints.
While a war mission has not been "activated", the third faction can join the mission. After activation, the mission gets locked with the original 2 factions and the third faction will have to wait till the current battle ends.
    • Campaign Victory Condition Changes
First faction with 12 major cities wins the war.
If one of the factions loses all its major cities, but none of its enemies have 12 major cities. Then the faction with the highest number of major cities wins the war.
    • AT Retreat Behaviour
Each AT has the ability to retreat from a mission.
Each retreat will reduce the resources on that AT by 25% of its max strength, or all resources, whichever is higher.
Any resources left from a retreat cannot be retrieved by the AT post battle, nor can the AT earn warfunds from their actions in the action game.
    • Mission Setup Changes
Each war mission will not be "activated" for 10 minutes after battle creation.
The AT prioritized selection system has been removed.
All ATs reaching a mission, are commited to the action game.
Individual ATs do not show up in the action game.
Each AT "type" per accesspoint is represented as a grouped "pool", containing resources from all ATs of that type on the accesspoint.
When action players spawn from these "pools", warserver randomly deducts spawns from one of the AT belonging to the pool.
When a spawn from a "pool" kills another resource, warserver randomly assigns that kill to one of the AT belonging to the pool.
    • Optimization - the war server supply queue process has been optimized.
    • Added 3 faction support for War is over screen
    • Updated Battle report to support 3 factions in leaderboards
    • Updated Campaign game victory / losing conditions on map of Europe
    • Updated mission details to support and better show 3 factions / 2 factions
    • Simplified weapon description system
    • Added support for better way of seeing queue numbers and added support for seeing how requested a resource is on the faction production overview
    • Changed flow of repairing and reloading weapons, now you get the option to repair the weapon and then you can enter the modify weapon area both for upgrades and for ammunition
    • Added option to auto repair vehicle ammo when repairing all ammo
    • Assault teams moving into a battle where they are not welcome (third faction) automatically moves back
    • The warmap has been changed a lot, almost to black and white, in order to bring out elements better.
    • Added outline to supplylines.
    • Added a 'Strategic color scheme' to supplement the 'Friend or Foe color scheme'.
The toggle button is visible next to the Major City overview on the campaign map, and on every action game map in the flash client. The toggle changes the setting globally, and the settings are saved across sessions.
    • Generals may now retreat assault teams from battle, using the retreat button in assault team control in the right side of the campaign map.
    • Fixed the chat and notification tray buttons so they match the others in size and sharpness.
    • Added a notification for when users receive refunds.
    • The old mission/battlefield action map view has been ditched, and the one from the battlereport with capture points and attack lines is used instead. Currently, only the access points have their status set, and the rest of the points show up as neutral.
    • Fog of war visibility now shows for Assault Teams stationary on supplylines (mostly when they're in a skirmish)
    • Generally fixed up UI to accommodate three factions.
    • Multimarkers now have a small indicator for the amount of troops present. It uses the symbols from ... Unit_sizes and is only based on the number of soldiers present multiplied by 10 - vehicles are not taken into account.
    • Assault teams of different factions moving onto the same supply line now creates a skirmish on the supply line. They are placed into different stacks on their opposite sides of the skirmish.
Assault teams from the third faction cannot move onto the supply line while the skimish is going on
    • Multimarkers should only ever contain assault teams of a single faction.
    • The resources of assault teams are now pooled together in an overview shown when a multimarker is clicked.
    • Fixed a lot of minor issues on the warmap (e.g. the battlefields disappearing from the right side when zoomed out to max)
    • Support for 3 factions in match maker
    • New Warbond image
    • New Buy weapon image
    • New Buy Gold image
    • New ammunition images
    • 1000+ new battlefields on campaign map
    • 23 major cities are there now
    • Enabled 3-faction fights (12vs12vs12)
If a faction is kicked out of a match it will become a 18vs18 fight (Unless the battle is in Ending Status)
In a 3 faction match the defender gets a spawn delay boost while they control all the objectives
The defender can be depleted, kicked out, while the two attackers are still battling for objectives
Minimum state to start battle => (6 vs 6 vs 6) or (9 vs 9)
Max difference in players=> 2 between defender to largest attacker
    • Reinforcements now spawn from the closest Major City (unless it's blocked)


    • Added sounds for all new weapons
    • Added sounds for all new vehicles
    • Replaced sounds for:
PPSh-41 SMG (Reload)
DP28 LMG (Reload)
FG42 Assault Rifle (Shot)
M1 Carbine Assault Rifle (Shot)
    • Soviet Capture Jingle
    • Germany Defeated Jingle
    • Soviet Defeated Jingle
    • US Defeated Jingle
    • Thrown grenades now make noise again
    • Various other sound adjustments and additions


    • Pistol_US_02A (Revolver) - Fire animation has been speeded up (the revolving barrel was too slow)
This is only a cosmetic tweak and shouldnt have any gameplay effect as the total anim time is the same.
    • Adjusted Pistol and revolver position on screen
    • Adjusted Knives position on screen
    • Fixed the Canopy not animating (opening and closing) for the Messerschmidt
    • Cheat Detectino & Cheat Prevention updates
    • Modification changed to Upgrade
    • Localization updates
    • Added Soviet Union Theme music option.
    • Added options in Misc to choose if you want to preload soldier and rank images, default is bare minimum.
    • Various backend fixes and optimizations
    • Implemented system messages to all players
    • Moved Brightness adaptation from GPU to CPU to make LDR and HDR more equal (fog was very different)
    • LDR now has adaptive tonemapping
    • Tessellation (DX11) can now be disabled (now only enabled for high quality setting)
    • Adjusted ribbon-booster prices
    • Fixed several Crash Report errors

Known Issues

    • 32-bit Windows XP requires the /3gb switch to run
    • /3GB switch is NOT supported by ATI cards.


No information as of yet.

Older builds

Previous Changelogs has been moved to their own page.