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Morale is a Campaign/War game mechanic introduced in Vasilevsky build that simulates battle fatigue for Assault Teams.

Assault Teams begin with 100/100 Morale.^

20 Morale points are spent when entering battle for both attackers and defenders, 10 Morale points are earned by winning.

Morale is gained over time, at 1 Morale (out of 100)^ per 6 minutes ~40 (/39.9) seconds (or 0.150... morale/minute) when the Assault Team is not involved in combat.^^

If Morale is below Hors de combat (25 points out of 100) and your Assault Team is attacked by an enemy, your troops are undeployed from the map, retaining their resources, and lose any remaining morale you had. If you attack with an Assault Team that is below 25 morale your Assault Team surrenders, you lose all resources, which are added to the enemies factions stockpile, and must be ‘rebuilt’ to re-deploy. If you cause an enemy Assault Team to surrender, your side gains the resources lost by the enemy which are then added to your factions stockpile.

Be very aware of being encircled, encircled Assault Teams are no longer undeployed with remaining resources, if they cannot retreat they now lose all resources meaning a potentially MASSIVE loss of Warfunds to the player.

^Total Morale can be increased beyond 100+/100+ using Battlefield Commander badge.

^^Not taking into account the Charismatic Leader badge which increases Morale regain up to 15%.

As previously mentioned there are two badges that Generals can equip that offer boosts to Morale in different ways.

Being led by a veteran commander with extensive combat experience increases the overall of the troops under the officer's command CR 5.png
CB 31 b.png +5% Morale 4
CB 31 s.png +10% Morale 8
CB 31 g.png +15% Morale 12
Being able to deliver great speeches before his men will help them recover morale faster CR 28.png
CB 29 b.png +5% Faster 4
CB 29 s.png +10% Faster 8
CB 29 g.png +15% Faster 12

Without any morale badges it takes 11 Hours and 06 Minutes to rebuild to 100;

9 Hours and ~26,5 Minutes if you have Charismatic Leader gold;

and 12 Hours and 46 Minutes if you run Battlefield Commander gold, which requires your morale to reach 115 before you can deploy.

An example image of an assault-team-status showing the timer for full base / default morale-recovery.

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