Newgarden Character Conversion

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Due to the new character progression tree that we have introduced in the Newgarden build, we have converted existing characters into the new tree.

Here is a description of how the conversion works:

  • All players will keep all of their characters.
  • All characters will keep their XP, but the rank will be recalculated based on the xp-requirement for the ranks in the new character progression system.
    • Please note that this might affect your Tier level, meaning that you might not be able to join the same types of missions as before the soft-reset until you have progressed to to a higher Tier.
  • All characters will keep all the Bronze Combat Badges they have unlocked, unless they are Combat Badges that doesn't exist anymore in the new progression system - in that case they will be removed.
  • All Combat Badges equipped on characters will be automatically unequipped, so you need to re-equip them.
  • All unlocked ribbons will be removed from the characters, due to a completely new way of handling ribbons.
  • All equipment is now character specific and cannot be unequipped on one character and then given to and equipped on another character (no sharing of equipment between characters).
  • Equipment that is not allowed to be equipped by a given class is unequipped.
  • Equipment that is equipped on a character, including mods for equipped weapons, will be unlocked - meaning that you may use it even if you don't have the ribbons for it.
    • Please note that you can't see anywhere that you may use it except when you try to equip it - the visualization of unlocks is tied to ribbons.
    • You might also at a given point later on be given a ribbon telling you that you now have unlocked something that you due to the soft-reset rules already can use.
  • Equipment that is not equipped on any characters (incl. weapon mods) will be removed and refunded in credits to the credits-price at the point in time where the reset was done (when we deployed Newgarden to live).
    • You can then save the credits and purchase the equipment again when ýou unlock it OR you can spend your credits on something else if you want.
  • Paratroopers will be temporarily disabled in the character progression tree and in the Assault Team upgrade tree - meaning:
    • Players who already own paratrooper characters will still have them and will be able to use them.
    • Players who already own paratrooper Assault Teams will still have them and will be able to use them.
    • No players can unlock new paratrooper characters, nor the paratrooper Assault Team type.
    • No players can upgrade their Assault Teams to paratrooper Assault Teams