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Each character has a rank calculated from his experience on the battlefield. This experience (XP) is gained from both in-game actions (FPS) and from the performance of the Assault Teams under his command. Earning ranks for your characters, is dependent on your contribution during the Action Game. Performing different feats, such as damaging or killing infantry earn the fewest experience, followed by destroying planes and tanks, with the maximum experience earned for capturing and defending control points. Players can also earn additional experience for damaging and killing players over a distance of 200 meters. This is most often achieved using a scoped weapon but can be done using a none scoped bolt action or light machine gun occasionally.

Players can also earn ranks on their characters once they reach officer ranks and obtain Assault Teams. The amount of experience the soldier earns based on the performance of the assault team is currently not available, but the amount of experience earned from assault teams that perform well is noticeable.

Ranks Progression[edit]

Rank XP Total XP Base Salary Total CP US Unlock German Unlock
1 10 10 1,150 - M3 Grease Gun MP34
2 990 1000 1,300 - Truck, 1/4 ton, 4x4 Kübelwagen Type 82
3 3000 4000 1,450 - Tank Crew Tank Crew
4 6500 10,500 1,600 - Fighter Pilot Fighter Pilot
5 11,500 22,000 1,750 - - -
6 22,000 44,000 1,900 -
7 22,000 66,000 2,050 - Paratrooper Paratrooper
8 22,000 88,000 2,200 - - -
9 22,000 110,000 2,350 - Recon Recon
10 22,000 132,000 2,500 - - -
11 22,000 154,000 2,650 - - -
12 44,000 198,000 3,200 1 - -
13 59,000 257,000 3,350 1 - -
14 59,000 316,000 3,500 1 - -
15 243,000 559,000 3,650 2 - -
16 1,036,000 1,595,000 3,800 3 - -
17 1,036,000 2,631,000 3,950 4 - -
18 2,501,000 5,132,000 - 5 Generals Generals
19 4,001,000 9,133,000 - 6 - -
20 4,001,000 13,134,000 - 7 - -
21 4,001,000 17,135,000 - 8 - -
22 12,002,000 29,137,000 - 10 - -
Company Officers Field Officers Generals*

* Generals cannot play the action game. Once you decide to choose to turn Colonel/Oberst rank
character into a General, they can only be used to support the Campaign game. All purchases will go
into the equipment depot to be redistributed to other characters. This decision is final and cannot be undone.

Infantry Ranks[edit]

Rank 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22
US R US I 1.png R US I 2.png R US I 3.png R US I 4.png R US I 5.png R US I 6.png R US I 7.png R US I 8.png R US I 9.png R US I 10.png R US I 11.png R US I 12.png R US I 13.png R US I 14.png R US I 15.png R US I 16.png R US I 17.png R US I 18.png R US I 19.png R US I 20.png R US I 21.png R US I 22.png
German R GE I 1.png R GE I 2.png R GE I 3.png R GE I 4.png R GE I 5.png R GE I 6.png R GE I 7.png R GE I 8.png R GE I 9.png R GE I 10.png R GE I 11.png R GE I 12.png R GE I 13.png R GE I 14.png R GE I 15.png R GE I 16.png R GE I 17.png R GE I 18.png R GE I 19.png R GE I 20.png R GE I 21.png R GE I 22.png

Tanker Ranks[edit]

Rank 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22
German R GE T 1.png R GE T 2.png R GE T 3.png R GE T 4.png R GE T 5.png R GE T 6.png R GE T 7.png R GE T 8.png R GE T 9.png R GE T 10.png R GE T 11.png R GE T 12.png R GE T 13.png R GE T 14.png R GE T 15.png R GE T 16.png R GE T 17.png R GE T 18.png R GE T 19.png R GE T 20.png R GE T 21.png R GE T 22.png

Pilot Ranks[edit]

Rank 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22
US R US P 1.png R US P 2.png R US P 3.png R US P 4.png R US P 5.png R US P 6.png R US P 7.png R US P 8.png R US P 9.png R US P 10.png R US P 11.png R US P 12.png R US P 13.png R US P 14.png R US P 15.png R US P 16.png R US P 17.png R US P 18.png R US P 19.png R US P 20.png R US P 21.png R US P 22.png
German R GE P 1.png R GE P 2.png R GE P 3.png R GE P 4.png R GE P 5.png R GE P 6.png R GE P 7.png R GE P 8.png R GE P 9.png R GE P 10.png R GE P 11.png R GE P 12.png R GE P 13.png R GE P 14.png R GE P 15.png R GE P 16.png R GE P 17.png R GE P 18.png R GE P 19.png R GE P 20.png R GE P 21.png R GE P 22.png

Recon Ranks[edit]

Rank 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22
US R US R 1.png R US R 2.png R US R 3.png R US R 4.png R US R 5.png R US R 6.png R US R 7.png R US R 8.png R US R 9.png R US R 10.png R US R 11.png R US R 12.png R US R 13.png R US R 14.png R US R 15.png R US R 16.png R US R 17.png R US R 18.png R US R 19.png R US R 20.png R US R 21.png R US R 22.png
German R GE R 1.png R GE R 2.png R GE R 3.png R GE R 4.png R GE R 5.png R GE R 6.png R GE R 7.png R GE R 8.png R GE R 9.png R GE R 10.png R GE R 11.png R GE R 12.png R GE R 13.png R GE R 14.png R GE R 15.png R GE R 16.png R GE R 17.png R GE R 18.png R GE R 19.png R GE R 20.png R GE R 21.png R GE R 22.png


In the past, XP was divided into 2 level-categories and then added to get the Rank. The 2 categories focus on 2 different ways of playing; Combat XP Level (gained from killing and not getting killed) and Tactical XP Level (Gained from completing objectives, leading squads and not having men under your command killed).
Those 2 categories have been merged in Rommel build.

Combat Ranks[edit]

Ranks are given to characters in an assault team according to experience level.

The Rank system is slightly different for the services (Panzer and Air Force units follow different ranking levels, Germany and US have different ranks as well).

The system is designed to let other players know your experience level.

Strategic Rank[edit]

Strategic ranks are given to the command officer. It is based on the commands level within the command structure.

Heroes to Generals[edit]

When a Hero reaches combat level 12 they gain a command point. These points are used to control assault teams - different types of assault teams cost different amounts of command points. The simplest assault team (Guard) is made up of infantry with rifles and costs 1 command point. After combat level 12, Heroes need to level up to combat level 15 till they get any more command points. Throughout the Hero combat levels 15-18 they continue to gain 1 command point per combat level, until, at rank 18, they have the choice to become a general. This means that they can no longer participate in FPS battles, but have extra command over assault teams in the Generals aspect of the game.

Until they become a general, the Hero can only control assault teams of his type - e.g., if he is infantry, he can control Guard and Infantry assault teams, if he is a pilot he can control Fighter Squadrons, and so on. However, when a hero becomes a General, he can control any type of assault team - as he has 'retired' from the FPS part of the game, he is no longer one type of Hero - and as such, this makes it much easier than having to upgrade your Infantry, Pilot, Tank Crewman and Paratrooper characters up to level 12 each in order to be able to control the different types of assault teams.