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Warfunds are the third currency in Heroes & Generals. These are for Assault Teams what Credits are for Action Game characters.

Assault Teams now earn Warfunds by participating in and / or winning battles. The Assault Team earns Warfunds based on the value of every target they destroy: a guard Assault Team doing dedicated tank-hunting with a bazooka can bring in a lot of Warfunds.

Soldiers earn Warfunds by doing tactical xp related stuff (capturing objectives etc).

Generally speaking, low-level Assault Teams earn MORE Warfunds than they need to resupply and high-level Assault Teams earn LESS than they spend on resupply.

Resupplying now costs Warfunds[edit]

  • When joining a new war, your Assault Team is deployed with full resources, at full resupply cost.
  • And when upgrading your assault team, your team will be fully supplied

The more advanced / progressed the Assault Team is, the higher the cost of resupply

The supply cost is based on cost per unit in the assault team, for example:

  • An Infantry Assault Team resupply costs: 1.600 Warfunds to resupply fully
  • A Light Armor Assault Team resupply costs: 21.780 Warfunds to resupply fully.

So what's the long term goal you want to accomplish by this?[edit]

This is the first step on the road to implement scarcity of supplies and implementing the foundation of our command / social structures.

The model is made right now to allow for a completely free way to play. You'll be able to unlock the first slot by playing with your characters, and then with your first team earn money until you unlock following slots and keep improving. This will allow you to have a lot of "feeding" Assault Teams that allow a special team to be resupplied.

One of the benefits down the line for Command Structures would be to enable players to field more special units. A focus on teamwork.