20mm KwK 38 L/55

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The 20mm KwK 38 L/55 is a German light tank gun, mounted on the Sd.Kfz 222 and the Panzer II Ausf. C. It can be thought of as a rapid-fire alternative to the single-shot cannon fielded by the M5A1 Stuart light tank. It has rather poor penetration and damage stock, but the APCR round available solves this issue, allowing it to penetrate enemy light tanks from nearly anywhere. It is more versatile than the Panzer I's dual machine guns, being able to equip a powerful anti-infantry high explosive round, and a tank-destroying APCR round. It is best used against enemy starting tanks (such as the M2A2 and T-38), although it is useful against second-level enemy tanks such as the T-26 and M5A1 Stuart. (Keep in mind that the KwK 38 still has the disadvantage- a straight up slugfest will not end in your favor.)