37mm M6 L/53

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The 37mm M6 L/53 is an American light tank gun used on the M8 Greyhound and the M5A1 Stuart. Compared to its German counterpart, the 37mm KwK 38 L/47.8, it does significantly more damage, and can penetrate nearly 2x the amount of armor than the German 37mm can.

Shot Penetration[edit | edit source]

The 37mm AP M74 shot is an American armor piercing composite ballistic cap shell. It can penetrate 36 mm armor at a 500 m distance.

The 37mm APC M51B1 shot is an American armor-piercing capable shell. It can penetrate 60 mm armor at a 500 m distance.

The 37mm HE M63 High-Explosive shot is an American incendiary shells used for personnel. The shell is filed with TNT and the blast of the casing produces thousands of lethal fragments.