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Assault Team Transportation logic[edit | edit source]

All Assault Team(s) (henceforth abbreviated as AT or ATs) in the game follow simple rules while they are given the move command from battlefield A to battlefield B:

  • There are 3 type of locations that an AT can be placed on.
    • Battlefield - these are represented in the action game map as the center spawn locations.
    • Access-point - these are represented in the action game map as the outermost spawn locations and are a child of the battlefield.
    • Supply-line - these are the roads that connect two access-points (by relation they also connect two battlefields).
  • All ATs are positioned on one of the above mentioned location types (except when ATs are flying).
  • AT movement speed is dependent on the AT type (paratroopers are slower than fighter squadrons), and whether its travelling on a friendly supply-line or not (they're slower on non-friendly supply-line).
  • Grounded ATs (like tanks, guards, etc.) always follow the supply-lines on the campaign map.
  • Supplies of any type travel exactly like grounded ATs, except that they cannot travel over neutral routes.
  • Flying ATs take a direct route from source to the destination battlefield.
    • Upon arrival they evaluate if they can stay at the destination (paratroopers can always stay, fighter planes cannot stay if the destination is not an airfield or does not have an ongoing battle).
    • If they can stay at the destination, then an appropriate access-point is assigned to them.

Mission Types[edit | edit source]

If ATs of opposite factions meet on the map, then a conflict (battle) is automatically spawned (no buttons to attack/retreat will be visible) at that location. This conflict is always accompanied with an action game, whose type is dependent on the location type.

  • Skirmish - Mission created when ATs meet on an access-point or a supply-line
  • Assault/Defend - When ATs of different factions are positioned on the same battlefield

Battle Resolution[edit | edit source]

Once a battle has been created, its resolution is dependent on both the results of the action game as well as the strategy game.