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Description[edit | edit source]

The war map is where the 'generals' portion of the game takes place. There are 23 Capital.png capitals and countless cities where battles can take place. One faction must capture 15 Capital.png capitals in order to win.

The setting currently includes most of Europe (excluding large parts of Scandinavia and Russia, Spain, Portugal and various islands) and even though parts of Africa and various other regions are visible, they're empty and inaccessible.

Wars are won by strategic coordination of the generals and battles are won by the heroes. Generals are nothing without their soldiers and vice versa.

Capital Locations Capitals
Campaign map capitals only.png

Map overview[edit | edit source]

Campaign map.jpg

On the top left you can find a certain battlefield by typing in the name of the city.

On the top right you can see the headquarters icon (HQ) where you can equip, buy or upgrade your Assault Teams.

Also in the top right is the war time. The time moves 4.7 times faster than real world time (for each minute the time ingame advances by 4 minutes and 42 seconds).

On the right are your equipped Assault Teams. It also displays your Assault Teams' morale, destinations and supplies. Pressing the ► symbol will collapse the list.

At the top is displayed how many capitals each faction currently has.

Friendly occupied cities and pathways are shown in blue on the map, while enemy occupied Cities and pathways are shown in red. If you have the strategic color scheme enabled, Germany will be shown as purple, United States as green and the Soviet Union as brown. To switch between the color schemes click on the 3 small circles left of war time.

The symbol above each supply line indicates the number of lives in the stack of assault teams.

XXXXX - army group 10000+

XXXX - army - 6000-9999

XXX - corps 2000-5999

XX - division 515-1999

X - brigade 200-514

III - regiment 100-199

II - battalion 25-99

I - company <25

Start of the War[edit | edit source]

At the start of the war each faction starts with 2 capitals :

Capital.png Germany: Bordeaux and Marseille

Capital.png United States: Copenhagen and Stockholm

Capital.png Soviet Union: Moscow and Minsk

From these capitals the generals move their Assault Team over the neutral zones (in grey) to capture them.

Moving onto an enemy captured area results in either a war skirmish or war battle.

Winning the skirmish battle at an access point near a city will let you attack the city where you can take it over if victorious.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

At the very bottom right of the war map, there are numerous towns, factories and airfields that you fight in during staged. They do not have any paths leading to them or connecting them. You can find them by searching for "Arlo Village".

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