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Combat Badges are "perks" which give bonuses related to the badges. Badges are awarded for leveling up combat ribbons.

Most badges have 3 levels: bronze, silver and gold. The higher-tiered badges provide a stronger effect, and are unlocked by further leveling up the combat ribbon associated with that badge.

Standard members' characters can wear one badge, whilst veteran members' characters can wear two at a time.

Combat Badges[edit | edit source]

It should be noted that combat badges do not transfer between characters. Each character must level up his own ribbons and unlock his own badges. This takes some effort by the player and so you should level your characters according to what function you want them to serve.

List of Badges[edit | edit source]

Badges Category Name Effect
CB 1 b.png Physical Fitness First Blood +100% Faster fatigue recovery
CB 2 b.pngCB 2 s.pngCB 2 g.png Physical Fitness Heavy Set +5/10/15% damage reduction
CB 3 b.pngCB 3 s.pngCB 3 g.png Physical Fitness Marathon Man +100/200/300% Faster fatigue recovery
CB 4 b.pngCB 4 s.pngCB 4 g.png Physical Fitness Nimble -25/50/75% player sound
CB 5 b.pngCB 5 s.pngCB 5 g.png Vehicle Driver +25/50/75% faster car start up
CB 6 b.pngCB 6 s.pngCB 6 g.png Vehicle Car Thief +25/50/75% faster car unlocking
CB 7 b.pngCB 7 s.pngCB 7 g.png Combat Hoarder +1/2/3 primary weapons magazines
CB 8 b.pngCB 8 s.pngCB 8 g.png Combat Grenadier +5/10/15% explosive damage dealt
CB 9 b.pngCB 9 s.pngCB 9 g.png Combat Quickdraw 25/50/75% reduced accuracy penalty while turning
CB 10 b.pngCB 10 s.pngCB 10 g.png Combat Fast Reload +10/20/40% faster reloading
CB 11 b.pngCB 11 s.pngCB 11 g.png Combat Infantry First +15/30/50% damage to Infantry and Recon based Vehicles
CB 12 g.png Combat Camouflaged No killcam shown after killing an enemy
CB 13 b.pngCB 13 s.pngCB 13 g.png Combat Scavenger Scavenge 50/75/100% of ammo after walking over weapon of same type as the one used (i.e. SMG, SA, etc.)
CB 14 b.pngCB 14 s.pngCB 14 g.png Combat Pointer Quick Fire +25/50/75% hip fire accuracy
CB 15 b.pngCB 15 s.pngCB 15 g.png Combat Iron Fist +7,5/15/25% damage to Tanks
CB 16 b.pngCB 16 s.pngCB 16 g.png Combat Tight Grip -25/50/75% recoil
CB 17 b.pngCB 17 s.pngCB 17 g.png Combat Dead-Eye 20/33/50% faster contraction on crosshair when aiming
CB 18 b.pngCB 18 s.pngCB 18 g.png Combat Ghillie If spotted by enemy mark lasts for 7/5/1 second(s)
CB 19 b.pngCB 19 s.pngCB 19 g.png Combat Dynamite Lover +1/2/3 additional grenades/mines
CB 20 b.pngCB 20 s.pngCB 20 g.png Aviation Aircraft Thief +25/50/75% faster aircraft unlocking
CB 21 b.pngCB 21 s.pngCB 21 g.png Aviation Airbourne +15/30/50% faster aircraft deploy time
CB 22 b.pngCB 22 s.pngCB 22 g.png Aviation Bombs Away 15%/30%/45% faster bombs resupply
CB 23 b.pngCB 23 s.pngCB 23 g.png Aviation Flak Jacket Reduces damage taken by pilot from anti-aircraft fire by 15/30/50%
CB 24 b.png Airbourne Free Fall Decide by yourself when to open parachute
CB 25 b.pngCB 25 s.pngCB 25 g.png Airbourne Para-Training +15/30/50% faster paratrooper deploy time
CB 26 b.pngCB 26 s.pngCB 26 g.png Armor Tank Thief +25/50/75% faster tank unlocking
CB 27 b.pngCB 27 s.pngCB 27 g.png Armor Tanker +25/50/75% faster tank start up
CB 28 b.pngCB 28 s.pngCB 28 g.png Armor Gunner +5/10/20% faster reloading of main cannon
CB 29 b.pngCB 29 s.pngCB 29 g.png Strategic Charismatic Leader +5/10/15% faster morale recovery
CB 30 b.pngCB 30 s.pngCB 30 g.png Armor Mechanic +20/50/100% faster vehicle repair
CB 31 b.pngCB 31 s.pngCB 31 g.png Strategic Battlefield Commander +5/10/15% more maximum morale
CB 32 b.pngCB 32 s.pngCB 32 g.png Strategic Logistics Expert +5/10/20% faster Assault Teams
B 330.pngB 331.pngB 332.png Tactical First Aid +20/50/100% faster health recovery
B 340.pngB 341.pngB 342.png Tactical Combat Medic +1/2/3 additional First Aid Kits
B 350.pngB 351.pngB 352.png Tactical Hand of God +15/30/50% farther influence range

Badge Unlock Progression[edit | edit source]

First Blood[edit | edit source]

The stamina bar is on the bottom left hand side of your screen when your ingame. It gets drain when you're sprinting.

After seeing action for the first time, you really know how to keep your cool and recover from fatigue slightly faster
CB 1 b.png +100% Faster recovery

Heavy Set[edit | edit source]

Currently the most used Combat Badge in the game. This badge reduces the damage you take and it saves you from a OHK bolt action if upgraded to gold.

HEAVY SET Ribbon Rank
In a way you are lucky. Whenever you get hurt, it's always a bit less serious than it seemed at first.[1] CR 1.png
CB 2 b.png 95% Damage 4
CB 2 s.png 90% Damage 8
CB 2 g.png 85% Damage 12

Marathon Man[edit | edit source]

Reduces the amount drain from your stamina when sprinting. Useful for players who have max out their equipment points.

Keeping in shape and eating well lets you build your aerobic capacity allowing you to recover from fatigue faster CR 1.png
CB 3 b.png 100% Faster recovery 2
CB 3 s.png 200% Faster recovery 6
CB 3 g.png 300% Faster recovery 10

Nimble[edit | edit source]

Sounds are not played, representing the soldier knowing how to make sure he does not have anything that rattles in his pockets etc. Useful for stealthy players that like to use melee weapons.

NIMBLE Ribbon Rank
Nimble footed soldiers are much more effective at sneaking up on enemies and makes much less noise when moving about CR 2.png
CB 4 b.png -25% Sounds 2
CB 4 s.png -50% Sounds 6
CB 4 g.png -75% Sounds 10


  • Bronze Badge: Removes footstep sounds from soldier while walking and running. Sprinting still creates sound.
  • Silver Badge: Removes noises created by gear while walking and running.
  • Gold Badge: Removes noises created by cloth/uniform while walking and running.

Driver[edit | edit source]

DRIVER Ribbon Rank
You have a strong sense of familiarity with cars and know how to coax them into life. Faster start-up on normal vehicles CR 17.png
CB 5 b.png 25% Faster 2
CB 5 s.png 50% Faster 6
CB 5 g.png 75% Faster 10

Car Thief[edit | edit source]

CAR THIEF Ribbon Rank
Studying vehicle ignition systems enables you to steal enemy cars and motor cycles faster CR 17.png
CB 6 b.png 25% Faster 1
CB 6 s.png 50% Faster 3
CB 6 g.png 75% Faster 5

Hoarder[edit | edit source]

Useful when you want to carry both a bolt action and a SMG at the same time without being low on ammo.

HOARDER Ribbon Rank
By emptying your pockets of unnecessary things you can fit in some extra rounds CR 4.png
CB 7 b.png 1 Extra Clip 4
CB 7 s.png 2 Extra Clips 8
CB 7 g.png 3 Extra Clips 12

Grenadier[edit | edit source]

Soldiers experienced in the handling of explosives will know exactly how to trim their detonators and explosives to get the most out of them CR 14.png
CB 8 b.png +5% Damage 2
CB 8 s.png +10% Damage 6
CB 8 g.png +15% Damage 10

Quickdraw[edit | edit source]

By praticing holding your weapon exactly the same way when you move you can limit the sway when turning around fast. CR 2.png
CB 9 b.png 25% Lower 4
CB 9 s.png 50% Lower 8
CB 9 g.png 75% Lower 12

Fast Reload[edit | edit source]

Spending time praticing reloads will let you reload faster then other soldiers. CR 8.png
CB 10 b.png 10% Faster 2
CB 10 s.png 20% Faster 6
CB 10 g.png 40% Faster 10

Infantry First[edit | edit source]

This only works with the player's weapons, not vehicles. so the mobile AA do not get a bonus from this badge.

Only apply to vehicles tied to Infantry and Recon-careers / classes / resources

(Terrain Vehicles / Jeeps, Motorcycles / Mopeds, Infantry Support Vehicles (IVS) / Armored Personnel Carriers, Armoured Recon Vehicles / Infantry Fighting Vehicles)

Getting a more thorough knowledge of enemy vehicles lets you know exactly where to aim to do the most damage. CR 17.png
Binfatryfirsticon.png +15% Damage 4
CB 11 s.png +30% Damage 8
CB 11 g.png +50% Damage 12

Camouflaged[edit | edit source]

No killcam shown after killing an enemy.

By camouflaging yourself, the enemy will have a much harder time spotting the direction you attack him from. No killcam shown when killing enemies. CR 6.png
CB 12 g.png No Killcam 12

Scavenger[edit | edit source]

Scavenge 50/75/100% of ammo after walking over weapon of same type as the one used.

Front soldiers experienced with missing or late ammunition ressuply will often learn to scrounge up extra rounds CR 4.png
CB 13 b.png 50% Replenish 2
CB 13 s.png 75% Replenish 6
CB 13 g.png 100% Replenish 10

Pointer Quick Fire[edit | edit source]

More hip fire accuracy. (Greater chance of firing from the center of the crosshair when hip firing)

Spending a lot of time practicing point shooting techniques will let you control your weapon somewhat better. CR 9.png
CB 14 b.png +25% Hipfire Accuracy 2
CB 14 s.png +50% Hipfire Accuracy 6
CB 14 g.png +75% Hipfire Accuracy 11

Iron Fist[edit | edit source]

This badge is useful for tank hunting.

Only applies to vehicles tied to Tank Crew-resources

IRON FIST Ribbon Rank
Spending time studying enemy armored vehicles can come in handy. You have gained a knack for hitting enemy armor where it hurts CR 16.png
CB 15 b.png +7.5% Damage 4
CB 15 s.png +15% Damage 8
CB 15 g.png +25% Damage 12

Tight Grip[edit | edit source]

Tight grip reduces the cone expansion when you're fireing your gun. Not the kick back recoil of the gun.

TIGHT GRIP Ribbon Rank
Practicing a tight grip on your weapon helps you keep your aim when firing rapidly CR 13.png
CB 16 b.png 25% Recoil Reduction 3
CB 16 s.png 50% Recoil Reduction 7
CB 16 g.png 75% Recoil Reduction 11

Dead-Eye[edit | edit source]

DEAD-EYE Ribbon Rank
Getting used to your weapons' sights and training regularly lets you establish a sight picture a bit faster. The badge encompases reduction of precision, sway and fire-cone (crosshair spread). CR 8.png
CB 17 b.png 20% Reduction 4
CB 17 s.png 33% Reduction 8
CB 17 g.png 50% Reduction 12

Ghillie[edit | edit source]

Doesn't make you invisible, it means that if you are spotted (by someone looking down their sights at you for a short period) then the inverted red triangle will disappear after 7, 5 or 1 seconds depending on the badge level.

GHILLIE Ribbon Rank
You always seem to duck your head behind a branch when someone is looking for you. CR 6.png
CB 18 b.png Visible 7 secs 2
CB 18 s.png Visible 5 secs 6
CB 18 g.png Visible 1 sec 10

Dynamite Lover[edit | edit source]

You seem to always make room for one more grenade or mine (when equipped) CR 14.png
Bgrenadiericon.png 1 extra 4
CB 19 s.png 2 extra 8
CB 19 g.png 3 extra 12

Aircraft Thief[edit | edit source]

Studying aircraft ignition systems enables you to steal enemy aircraft faster CR 18.png
CB 20 b.png 25% Faster 1
CB 20 s.png 50% Faster 3
CB 20 g.png 75% Faster 5

Airborne[edit | edit source]

AIRBORNE Ribbon Rank
Experienced pilots can go through their pre-flight checklist faster and get their plane in the air faster. CR 18.png
CB 21 b.png 15% faster 2
CB 21 s.png 30% faster 6
CB 21 g.png 50% faster 10

Bombs Away[edit | edit source]

BOMBS AWAY Ribbon Rank
Pilots experienced in ground attack will get bombs resupplied faster. CR 19.png
CB 22 b.png 15% Faster 4
CB 22 s.png 30% Faster 8
CB 22 g.png 45% Faster 12

Flak Jacket[edit | edit source]

Reduces damage taken by pilot from anti-aircraft fire by 15/30/50%.

Wearing a Flak Jacket reduces the risk of the pilot getting hurt by bullets fired from the ground CR 20.png
CB 23 b.png -15% Damage 4
CB 23 s.png -30% Damage 8
CB 23 g.png -50% Damage 12

Free Fall[edit | edit source]

FREE FALL Ribbon Rank
By disconnecting the parachute release from the jump cable you can decide for yourself when to open your parachute. CR 3.png
CB 24 b.png Self Deploy 1

Para-Training[edit | edit source]

Experienced paratroopers can go through their pre-jump checklists faster and get to the combat zone faster. CR 3.png
CB 25 b.png 15% Faster 3
CB 25 s.png 30% Faster 7
CB 25 g.png 50% Faster 12

Tank Thief[edit | edit source]

TANK THIEF Ribbon Rank
Studying armor ignition systems enables you to steal enemy tanks faster CR 21.png
CB 26 b.png 25% Faster 1
CB 26 s.png 50% Faster 3
CB 26 g.png 75% Faster 5

Tanker[edit | edit source]

TANKER Ribbon Rank
Knowing exactly how your armour's engine and electrics works allows you to get it up and running faster. CR 21.png
CB 27 b.png 25% Faster 4
CB 27 s.png 50% Faster 8
CB 27 g.png 75% Faster 12

Gunner[edit | edit source]

GUNNER Ribbon Rank
Reloading a cannon again and again made you into a master. CR 26.png
Bgunnericon.png 5% Faster 4
CB 28 s.png 10% Faster 8
CB 28 g.png 20% Faster 12

Charismatic Leader[edit | edit source]

Being able to deliver great speeches before his men will help them recover morale faster CR 28.png
CB 29 b.png +5% Faster 4
CB 29 s.png +10% Faster 8
CB 29 g.png +15% Faster 12

Mechanic[edit | edit source]

MECHANIC Ribbon Rank
Experience with cars and trucks makes you better at repairing any type of vehicle. CR 17.png
CB 30 b.png 20% Faster 3
CB 30 s.png 50% Faster 7
CB 30 g.png 100% Faster 11

Battlefield Commander[edit | edit source]

Being led by a veteran commander with extensive combat experience increases the overall of the troops under the officer's command CR 5.png
CB 31 b.png +5% Morale 4
CB 31 s.png +10% Morale 8
CB 31 g.png +15% Morale 12

Logistics Expert[edit | edit source]

Knowledge of transport logistics and troop movement increases the speed of Assault Teams under the officer's command. CR 16.png
CB 32 b.png 5% Faster 8
CB 32 s.png +10% Faster 10
CB 32 g.png +20% Faster 12

First Aid[edit | edit source]

FIRST AID Ribbon Rank
Being able to quickly locate and treat a combat wound will enable an injured soldier to recover and get back in action faster. R 112.png
B 330.png 20% Faster 4
B 331.png 50% Faster 8
B 332.png 100% Faster 12

Combat Medic[edit | edit source]

Combat Medic Ribbon Rank
An experienced medic knows how to strip his equipment to be able to carry a few extra first aid kits. R 112.png
B 340.png 1 extra 3
B 341.png 2 extra 7
B 342.png 3 extra 11

Hand of God[edit | edit source]

HAND OF GOD Ribbon Rank
Working under the stressful conditions of combat teaches the medic to treat soldiers without the need for close examination. R 112.png
B 350.png 15% Farther 1
B 351.png 30% Farther 5
B 352.png 50% Farther 9
  1. As of update 1.19 Heavy Set no longer affects headshots