Command Points

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Command Points (CP for short) enables a character to deploy Assault Teams. The Assault Team must first be bought and deployed with Warfunds, but the amount of Command Points limits what your character can buy. You receive the first Command Point when you reach Rank 12, the second at Major and one at each subsequent rank until rank 22, when you get two.

For example, with one command point, you could own a Guard Assault Team. A further restriction on what you can own, is that, for every non-General character that has command points, they can only use assault teams from their career path (e.g. Recons can only own the different levels of Recon assault teams). Command Points, like ribbons, are not transferable between characters - e.g. if one character has a Command Point, only he can own an Assault Team.

You can get extra Command Points for your characters (Only for rank 12+) with the War Victory ribbon. You can get three max. At 4th grade, 8th and 12th grade.

There is a total of ten CP available according to rank, then with the addition of CP awarded for War Victory means a player can have up to thirteen Command Points.