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We've made this page in order to give you a better overview of where we are in the process of making Heroes & Generals and which stages the development goes through. We cannot at this point in time give you an exact date for when we'll proceed from one stage to the next, but if you follow our news blog or register a profile and sign up for our newsletter, we'll let you know for sure!

FPS Combat prototype[edit | edit source]

The first combat prototype with basic weapons and a few ground vehicles. Aircraft added at a later stage.

Campaign prototype[edit | edit source]

The campaign prototype with simple troops movement, linked up with the FPS Combat prototype.

Pre-Alpha[edit | edit source]

Game mechanics and features are being developed and integrated in a working test-environment. Maps are generated and tested, graphics and sound is created and implemented. The game can only handle a few concurrent players.

Alpha stage 1[edit | edit source]

Most parts of the game are playable in a smaller scale. Most features are working but a lot of placeholder graphics, sound and animations are used, so the look and feel of the game is far from finished. The server infrastructure is being scaled up to handle more players and we invite the next batch of alpha-players.

Alpha stage 2[edit | edit source]

Our "live server" is online and we're inviting a lot of new alpha-players to test the game and give us feedback.

Alpha stage 3[edit | edit source]

Focus on backend stability. Game mechanics, features, graphics and sound is improved. More and more alpha-players are invited to test the game and give us feedback.

Alpha stage 4[edit | edit source]

Through a series of alpha-releases the game is made more and more stable, more maps are added and game mechanics, features, graphics and sound is improved. More and more alpha-players are invited to test the game and give us feedback. Strategy game is brought online. Weapon mods and combat badges are brought online.

Pre-Beta[edit | edit source]

We are nailing the most important bugs that showed up after we let the servers run for a longer time. We do a fast build cycle where we make builds as fast as we can fixing bugs and getting the game into a more enjoyable state. At the same time we collect support information on what confuses players and what annoys them so we can remove those bumps and make the game more enjoyable for all.

Closed Beta[edit | edit source]

The look and feel of the central parts of the game are quite mature with most game mechanics, features, graphics and audio well on the way. This stage is primarily about fixing bugs and balancing game mechanics. More beta-players are invited to test and give us feedback. Strategy game is expanded based on statistics/metrics and player feedback. The production pipelines for future content is stabilized.

Open Beta[edit | edit source]

In this stage we'll allow everybody to join and play the game, but we'll probably have a limit to how many concurrent players the servers can handle. We will continue to update the game adding features, weapons and vehicles. Based on the player data we will continue to stabilize servers and add (and prioritize) new content.

Launch[edit | edit source]

The game is polished and it's time to do some more bug-hunting and fine-tune game mechanics.

Feature Pack 1[edit | edit source]

More maps and features are added. Strategy game is expanded. Content is finalized based on player needs.

Feature Pack 2[edit | edit source]

Contents are not finalized yet.

Feature Pack 3[edit | edit source]

Contents are not finalized yet.

Post launch update 4, …, n[edit | edit source]

We won't stop developing the game when it's launched. We will, in close collaboration with our community, continue to add more maps, more weapons, more vehicles, more features and more content in general to the game. We'll also expand the map and introduce new nationalities and campaign-settings covering more and more front-lines of WWII.