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Joining an Assault Team[edit | edit source]

When a player joins a mission Assault Teams are pooled together at each Access Point (A1, B1, O3 etc.) which each Squad taps into for resources. To be able to use soldiers of a different class/Assault Team your Squad Leader needs to have purchased the relevant Auxiliary Slots with Squad Points ie. An Infantry Squad needs a Tank Auxiliary Slot for a squad member to swap to his Tank Crewman Class. You can only change your Access Point if your Squad Leader selects the relevant Access Point and chooses the option, otherwise you must remain on your own Front.

Acquiring an Assault Team[edit | edit source]

All players can purchase an assault team when they have the required funds and enough command points (the first command point is unlocked at rank 12). The Assault team owners can then deploy the team at a capital of their choice, provided they have enough warfunds for deployment and they have queued up at the Faction Stockpile and gained the resources needed for that assault team. The only way for players to play in the strategic portion of the game without going through the leveling progression is to purchase characters of rank 12, 15, or 18 for gold or credits from the store. Otherwise players must level up the required character in the required career path in order to purchase and use the desired assault team. In the table below, the number of command points are shown for each rank. Starting at rank 12 players can purchase assault teams; the new assault teams start at rank 0 themselves, and must be leveled and upgraded to progress to better types of assault teams.

Rank XP Total XP Base Salary Total CP
1 10 10 1,150 -
2 990 1,000 1,300 -
3 3,000 4,000 1,450 -
4 7,500 10,500 1,600 -
5 11,500 22,000 1,750 -
6 22,000 44,000 1,900 -
7 22,000 66,000 2,050 -
8 22,000 88,000 2,200 -
9 22,000 110,000 2,350 -
10 22,000 132,000 2,500 -
11 22,000 154,000 2,650 -
12 44,000 198,000 3,200 1
13 59,000 257,000 3,350 1
14 59,000 316,000 3,500 1
15 243,000 559,000 3,650 2
16 1,036,000 1,595,000 3,800 3
17 1,036,000 2,631,000 3,950 4
18 2,501,000 5,132,000 - 5
19 4,001,000 9,133,000 - 6
20 4,001,000 13,134,000 - 7
21 4,001,000 17,135,000 - 8
22 12,002,000 29,137,000 - 10
Company Officers Field Officers Generals*

*Generals cannot participate in the Action portion of the game. All weapons, vehicles, and equipment
earned on that character will go to the equipment depot to be redistributed to other units.

Steps How to buy an Assault Team
1 First at "Game Lobby" click "Assault Teams" icon at the top right corner (see image)
2 Then click Buy Assault Team" (see image)
3 Example if you want to buy Guard unit click "Guard" (see image)
4 Now you see that infantryman cost 29500 Warfunds or 995 gold (see image). Now buy it!!!
5 Now you have a new Guard unit!!!

Moving Assault Teams[edit | edit source]

Ground based Assault Teams are moved between battlefields on the campaign map following the supply lines. Airborne Assault Teams can only move from airfields to airfields but move quickly and in a direct line.

  • Select your assault team for example "Cannon Fodder US-1"
  • Now drag it to Harlow. After this is done successfully you can see how it moves towards target (target has a yellow flag).

Attacking[edit | edit source]

Ground based Assault Teams attack by moving up to a battlefield and initiating an assault. Airborne Assault Teams can attack any visible enemy assault team/transport within their range. When all units are killed in the assault team it is undeployed. It can be redeployed and resupplied in exchange for warfunds, and after queueing up for resources at the faction stockpile, a new feature added in the Spaatz build.

How to Attack with Assault Teams
  • Attacking is done same way as moving but now you move your "Assault Team" to red cities.

Assault Team HQ[edit | edit source]

Assault team hq.png

The icon shows several characteristics of the assault team.

  • Type Symbol: Shows the type of assault team.
  • Command Points: The amount of command points your soldier has and how much it takes to equip the assault team.
  • Officer/General: Selected Soldier. Once your soldier reaches level 12 he gets his first command point.
  • Options: Here you can upgrade, rename, disband or reset your AT.
  • Spawns: The amount of spawns that players in-game can take. If your AT runs out of spawns it gets undeployed.
  • Level: The current level (0-4) and experience of the Assault Team. Levels is gained through combat.
  • Techtree/Progression: Here you can view the Assault Team Progression/Techtree.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Armoured Assault Teams are very expensive to maintain, and should be only used sparingly and strategically
  • Guard Assault Teams and Infantry Assault Teams have identical Infantry:Warbond Cost ratios ie. cost exactly the same. However, Infantry Assault Teams let you field more infantry per Command Point and will retain the experience gained from its previous time as a Guard Assault Squad

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