Hafthohlladung H3

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Hafthohlladung H3
WPN 84.png
Type: Anti-Tank Grenade
Faction: Icon-GR-Symbol.png Germany
Damage: 1,000
Explosion Radius: 5m
Kill Radius: 4.5m
Armor Damage: 1100-1400
Effective Armor Penetration: 60mm
Max Armor Penetration: 75mm
Type: Placed
Quantity: 3
Reload Time: 1.3s
Equipment Points Points 2.png
Faction Cost 13,000 HnGCurrencySymbol credits.png 150 HnGCurrencySymbol gold.png
Captured Cost 63,000 HnGCurrencySymbol credits.png 300 HnGCurrencySymbol gold.png
Cost per unit: 260 Credits 3 HnGCurrencySymbol gold.png
Maintenance Load 0:08s
Ribbon Required:
Tank Destruction
Tank Destruction
Requirement: Germany- 7th Grade
United States Soviet Union- 9th Grade

Description[edit source]

The Hafthohlladung H3.5 (also known as the 'Panzerknacker') is a magnetic shaped charge anti-tank grenade used by the German anti-tank soldiers. It requires a brave soldier willing to run up and place it on an enemy tank.
― Heroes & Generals

History[edit | edit source]

The Hafthohlladung (H3 or H3.5) was the German army's solution to encountering enemy armor in the urban warfare of World War II. Once the supporting mechanized infantry had been cleared out, a tank was mostly defenseless against advancing infantry, but reaching the crew inside was a difficult prospect if they refused to surrender. To solve this problem, the Hafthohlladung was invented. The H3.5 uses a steel, cone-shaped charge with a bakelite film casing. The mine is raised above its intended target by the three magnetic iron legs, putting it at the perfect and appropriate arming distance for maximum penetration power. Later in the war, the Hafthohlladung was rendered obsolete by the light and disposable Panzerfaust anti-tank rocket launcher, as it could accompany most light units into battle.[1]

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Hafthohlladungen are a good anti-tank alternative if the Panzershreck won't fit into a loadout. These weapons are very effective, but also very risky to use, as they require the operator to get very close to an enemy tank. H3s are lighter and faster to use than anti-tank mines, but deploying them still takes significant time. It highly recommended to use the enemy tank as cover, and to have a spotter suppressing the turret to draw the attention of crewmen so they do not see you. The mines must be placed as fast as possible, as they have a very short fuse and a dangerous blast. Light, Medium and Heavy tanks require two Hafthohlladungen to be destroyed. However lights can be destroyed in a single blast with the Iron Fist gold perk. As an additional note, placing ONE H3 on a light tank while having the Iron Fist Gold and Grenadier Gold perks equipped will result in setting it on fire, shortly after it will explode. The player should be vigilant to avoid the barrel of the tank (as they rarely flee and tend to stand their ground) and the tanker might attempt to kill the player by getting out of his tank if it is on fire. If one were to attempt the same trick on a medium tank, with the same badges in the previous situation equipped, the medium tank will immediately explode after the fuse runs out, or if the player shoots the H3 after placing. Also note that the bonus damage from the grenadier/iron fist badge does not take effect post-mortem, or after death. However, the bonus still applies at the moment of death, a.k.a., if one were to shoot an H3 mine within its lethal radius thus committing suicide. -Information above may be outdated due to recent patches.

As of Patch 1.12 Deploy! Drive! Destroy![edit | edit source]

The effectiveness of the Hafthohlladungen has been changed since previous patches, especially the damage it can do. It is still an excellent choice for anti tank Infantry, however more may be required depending on tank armour and position of the anti tank grenade. Some of the more prioritised areas to target would be the gun breech, turret ring, ammo/fuel components, transmission, and engine, all of which causes additional damage or disables a major function with minor damage to the tank. For example destroying the tank's engine will reduce its max speed and cause major damage while the gun breech will increase its reload time, reduce shell velocity, and decrease shell drop off distance(how far the shell will travel when fired) and cause minor damage. Approximately 5 Hafthohlladungen anti tank grenades would be needed to efficiently destroy a tank, meaning you would be more effective with 2 anti tank infantry working on one tank, dynamite lover gold badge, or working in conjunction with an allied tank.

H3 armpen.png

How to use them?[edit | edit source]

  1. Sneak around a tank, make sure that tanker hasn't spotted you!
  2. Hold left mouse button and come closer to the target
  3. When in appropriate range (app. 0,5m) the character will raise his hands a bit, it means that the grenade is ready to be placed
  4. Release LMB to place it on a weakspot (tank's tracks, Gun Breech, Gun Barrel or rear)
  5. Place one (Non-Tank) or two (Any Tank) as fast as possible
  6. Quickly run away to avoid explosion

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