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Characters[edit | edit source]

Different classes[edit | edit source]

Characters are the player's personal and customized soldiers to be used in the FPS portion of the game. The 'Characters' section allows for creating, renaming, and customization of your soldiers. Soldiers are able to carry different weapons and be assigned combat badges that grant in-game perks; these can range from increased running speed to ammo pick-up from dead soldiers. Soldiers can enter into a battle where a character slot is available with a participating assault team with available resources.

The six types of soldiers to choose from are:

Character Description Equipment Points Level to unlock Cost of hiring
Infantry Able to spawn in Infantry/guard Assault Teams. A versatile soldier which can equip both bolt-action and semi-automatic rifles, submachine guns, light machine guns, and anti tank weaponry. 10 1 9200 Credits
or 550 Gold
Paratrooper Able to spawn in Paratrooper Assault Teams. Spawns on foot or on a Transport Plane, jumps out from plane into destination with a parachute. Also, they cannot carry some weapons but have a unique weapon only available for them, for example the German FG-42, and the American M1 Carbine. 6 5 134k Credits
or 1600 Gold
Recon Able to spawn in Recon Assault Teams. Recon soldiers have access to more powerful scopes and weapon modifications. Able to spawn in Recon and Mechanized Recon Assault Teams. Recon can use Infantry Fighting Vehicles in Mechanized Recon and motorbikes in Motorized Recon. 7 5 208k Credits
or 4900 Gold
Tank Crew Able to spawn in Tank Assault Teams. Spawns inside a tank of the specific type. Able to carry any equipment except for light machine guns, rifles and rocket launchers. 6 7 220k Credits
or 2200 Gold
Fighter Pilot Able to spawn in Fighter Assault Teams. Spawns inside a fighter plane mid-air. Able to carry any equipment except for light machine guns, rifles and launchers. Carries a parachute. 6 7 200k Credits
or 2000 Gold
Generals Does not participate in the FPS part of the game. Commands multiple Assault Teams and plays the RTS side of the game. N/A 12 1,969k Credits
or 9900 Gold

Career Progression (rank)[edit | edit source]

By doing special deeds in combat, your character will increase his Rank; this will unlock additional perks for your character:

  • At rank 6, a character may become Squad Leader. He can give orders to his Squad.
  • At rank 12, a character can control Assault Team and have a part in the RTS part of the game.
  • At rank 18, he can become a General, who does not play the FPS part anymore, and focuses solely on the RTS part.
R US I 1.png
R US I 2.png
R US I 3.png
R US I 4.png
R US I 5.png
R US I 6.png
R US I 7.png
R US I 8.png
R US I 9.png
R US I 10.png
R US I 11.png
R US I 12.png
R US I 13.png
R US I 14.png
R US I 15.png
R US I 16.png
R US I 17.png
R US I 18.png
R US I 19.png
R US I 20.png
R US I 21.png
R US I 22.png
R GE I 1.png
R GE I 2.png
R GE I 3.png
R GE I 4.png
R GE I 5.png
R GE I 6.png
R GE I 7.png
R GE I 8.png
R GE I 9.png
R GE I 10.png
R GE I 11.png
R GE I 12.png
R GE I 13.png
R GE I 14.png
R GE I 15.png
R GE I 16.png
R GE I 17.png
R GE I 18.png
R GE I 19.png
R GE I 20.png
R GE I 21.png
R GE I 22.png
R SO I 1.png
R SO I 2.png
R SO I 3.png
R SO I 4.png
R SO I 5.png
R SO I 6.png
R SO I 7.png
R SO I 8.png
R SO I 9.png
R SO I 10.png
R SO I 11.png
R SO I 12.png
R SO I 13.png
R SO I 14.png
R SO I 15.png
R SO I 16.png
R SO I 17.png
R SO I 18.png
R SO I 19.png
R SO I 20.png
R SO I 21.png
R SO I 22.png
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22

Additional Characters[edit | edit source]

You can buy soldiers of any type (class), if you have:

  • unlocked the character class
  • the funds to buy it (Credits or Gold)
Steps on how to hire a new soldier
In the game lobby, click the Cart, then select "Soldiers".
(Or you can click the "+" under your character photo, on the left of the screen).
From top to bottom, you can choose:
  • The faction
  • The character type
  • His starting rank (0, 12, 15)
  • The character name (or auto-generate it)

Then choose to pay with Credits or Gold, and enjoy the new soldier!

[Old feature] Career change[edit | edit source]

Transferring an Infantry to another character class (characters created before aug.2016 only)

Characters created before August 2016 can change career (class). Costs and Ranks to unlock those career changes are detailed below:

Character Rank to unlock Cost of transfer
Infantry 1 12,450 Credits
or 99 Gold
Paratrooper 7 114,000 Credits
or 450 Gold
Recon 9 114,000 Credits
or 450 Gold
Tank Crew 5 114,000 Credits
or 450 Gold
Fighter Pilot 6 114,000 Credits
or 450 Gold
Generals 18 0 Credits
or 0 Gold

Character Customization[edit | edit source]

Whatever the class, each character is customizable. In the lobby, the main panel is shown here.

Character customization panel
From Top to bottom: 1/ available weapon 2/ to-be-purchased weapon 3/locked weapon
  • You can change your character name by clicking on it
  • The light-green square is the main customization menu (see below)
  • The dark-green square is the equipped-items sub-menu
    • Any item inside this square will be actually available in battle
  • The blue squares are the available equipment (menu and sub-menu)
    • Some equipment is available (previously purchased, or unequipped)
    • Some is ready-to-purchase
    • Some is locked and requires completing a Ribbon first

In the main customization menu, from left to right, you can change:

  1. Your equipment and weapons (3 equipment slots, +1 for Veterans)
  2. The vehicles you will access during battle
  3. The outfit in which you will be dressed
  4. The combat badges (bonus in battle) - 2 slots for Veterans
  5. Your Assault Teams (rank 12+ only)

Weapons and equipment[edit | edit source]

  • You can equip up to 3 (or 4) items
  • You are also limited by equipment points
    • See above for Equipment point per character type
    • See Weapons section for equipment point per weapon
    • Selecting additional ammo will increase equipment points spent (see details here)

The available equipment is divided into 4 categories:

  • hand-to-hand weapons
  • firearms
  • explosives (grenades, mines, anti-tank explosives)
  • equipment (binoculars, etc.)

You can further customize weapons, see this section.

Vehicles[edit | edit source]

Vehicle selection menu
  • The available equipment (dark blue) menu contains multiple tabs for the multiple types of vehicles available
  • The equipped-items (dark green) sub-menu contains 1 slot per vehicle type.

=>This means you can have 1 of each vehicle type equipped at the same time, for more spawning options on the battlefield.

  • On vehicles, you can add (Supply Crates to support infantry
  • On planes, you can change ammunition type
  • Tanks customization is a bit more important (see section here)

You can further customize vehicles, see this section.

Strategies and Tips[edit | edit source]

Always keeping a standard infantryman character around makes you much more versatile on the battlefield, if your tanker runs out of tanks, you wont have to leave the battle but can continue on foot with your infantryman.

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