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V 63.png
Type: Heavy Tanks
Faction: Icon-SU-Symbol.png Soviet Union
Main Cannon: 85mm D-5T L/52
Coaxial Gun: 7.62mm DT
Machine Gun: 7.62mm DT
Hull Armor
Front (Upper): ? mm
Front (Lower): ? mm
Sides (Upper): ? mm
Sides (Lower): ? mm
Rear: ? mm
Top: ? mm
Front (Turret): ? mm
Mantlet: ? mm
Side (Turret): ? mm
Rear (Turret): ? mm
Top (Turret): ? mm
Class Restriction Tank Crewman
Passengers: 6
Credits Cost: 167,000 HnGCurrencySymbol credits.png
Gold Cost: 2,000 HnGCurrencySymbol gold.png
Ribbon Required: Armor Assault Armor Assault
Requirement: Soviet Union- 9th Grade

Description[edit source]

Faced with the threat of the mighty Panther, the Soviets have decided to field the KV-85 as a stopgap until heavier IS tanks become available. The KV-85 is comparable to the Tiger I but is much cheaper to produce and easier to repair.
― Heroes & Generals


Name Penetration[1] Damage[2] Velocity Credits Cost Gold Cost
[85x629mmR] BR-365 Armor Piercing 65mm - 110mm 650 - 950 792 m/s 3,600 HnGCurrencySymbol credits.png 43 HnGCurrencySymbol gold.png
[85x629mmR] O-265K High Explosive 10mm - 30mm 250 - 400 823 m/s 9,200 HnGCurrencySymbol credits.png 110 HnGCurrencySymbol gold.png
[85x629mmR] BR-365P APCR 75mm - 120mm 750 - 950 1200 m/s 3,200 HnGCurrencySymbol credits.png 38 HnGCurrencySymbol gold.png


Supply Crates can be fitted to your vehicle to aid nearby infantry.

Name Contents Credits Cost Gold Cost
Ammunition Supply Crate Ammo 1,200 HnGCurrencySymbol credits.png 15 HnGCurrencySymbol gold.png
Medic Supply Crate Health 3,400 HnGCurrencySymbol credits.png 42 HnGCurrencySymbol gold.png
Anti-tank Supply Crate Panzerfaust 60 6,800 HnGCurrencySymbol credits.png 82 HnGCurrencySymbol gold.png

Specialist Ribbon

No Specialist Ribbon For This Vehicle

  1. As of 2016-4-21, the game does not yet have penetration fall off with distance.
  2. Against armor