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In the game you can buy various gear but you are limited to your soldiers eqiupment limit.

Infantry[edit | edit source]

2015-05-10 00003.jpgAn example of most weapons a German Infantry man can use

An infantry man has 10 "Equipment points" meaning they carry the most of all classes. They also have access to almost every gun for their faction.

Grenadier Rifleman
Category Equipment
"Primary" A Semi auto rifle or a Bolt-action rifle
"Secondary" Grenades
"Extra" Anti tank grenades or Mines
Badge Dynamite Lover CB
  • Mines and Anti tank grenades will let you damage enemy tanks (these are expensive however)
  • Your rifle is decent, in many situations letting you be anywhere you need to be.
Assault trooper
Category Equipment
"Primary" A SMG
"Secondary" Grenades
"Extra" A Pistol or Anti-Personnel Mine
Badge Heavy Set CB
  • The SMG will let you quickly take down enemies at capzones
  • Heavy set will let you take another bullet than usual from most firearms in the game (including one shot kill bolt action rifles).
Combat (Assault) Medic
Category Equipment
Primary An SMG
Secondary Medic Pouch
Extra Grenades or Pistol
Badge Hand of God CB

Tanker[edit | edit source]

A tanker has 6 "equipment slots", meaning you have to choose if you want an SMG or to carry a vital wrench and other gear.

Universal Tanker
Category Equipment
"Primary" A Pistol / M1A1 Carbine (For American Tankers)
"Secondary" Adjustable Wrench
"Extra" Anti tank grenades or other Grenades
"Badge" Gunner CB
  • The wrench can repair your own and friendly tanks and vehicles alike.
  • Anti tank grenades can help you revenge on the enemy tanks (keep in mind that these can be expensive).
  • The pistol or M1A1 Carbine is worse than a SMG but a headshot might keep you in the game
SMG tanker
Category Equipment
Primary An SMG with no ammo pouch
Secondary Adjustable Wrench
Extra None
Badge Hoarder CB and/or Mechanic CB

Recon[edit | edit source]

A recon soldier has 7 "equipment points" letting you use a Scoped rifle and a pistol or grenades and most mines

Category Equipment
"Primary" A Scoped Rifle
"Secondary" A Pistol or Anti-Personnel Mine
Badge Either Heavy Set CB, Camouflaged CB, Fast Reload CB or Ghillie CB
Armored Car Driver
Category Equipment
"Primary" A SMG without a pouch or a Rifle
"Secondary" A Adjustable Wrench
Badge If you chose an SMG the Hoarder CB will let you have some more ammo than one magazine, if you have a spare slot for a badge or chose a rifle the Mechanic CB is useful.

Paratrooper[edit | edit source]

A Paratrooper has 6 "equipment points", you can either use an SMG or a FG42 Ausf. E/Johnson M1941 LMG for six points. A rifle weights 1 point less so you can bring one of the Close Combat Weapons. The third alternative is bringing Handguns and Explosives to the battle. The Free fall is considered the best badge for paratroopers by letting you deploy your parachute near the ground making you a hard to hit target while you are dropping down to the ground.

Grenadier Paratrooper
Category Equipment
"Primary" A Pistol
"Secondary" Grenades
"Extra" Anti tank grenades or other Grenades
"Badge" Free Fall CB and if possible Dynamite Lover CB

Fighter pilot[edit | edit source]

Fighter pilots have 6 Equipment points so they can either carry a SMG or an Adjustable Wrench for personal defence or repairing the plane with wrench.

Universal Fighter Pilot
Category Equipment
"Primary" A Pistol
"Secondary" Adjustable Wrench
"Extra" Anti tank grenades or other Grenades
"Badge" Bombs Away CB prefered
  • The wrench will let you repair your plane, letting you use it longer and save credits doing so. (You will have to land your plane to be able to repair it making you an easy target for enemy pilots.)