Messerschmitt Bf 109D-1

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Messerschmitt Bf 109D-1
V 224.png
Type: Fighter Planes
Faction: Icon-GR-Symbol.png Germany
Main Cannon: 20mm MG FF
Machine Gun: 7.92mm MG 17 (2x)
Bomb(s): SC 250
Class Restriction Fighter Pilot
Credits Cost: 96,000 HnGCurrencySymbol credits.png
Gold Cost: 1,150 HnGCurrencySymbol gold.png

Description[edit source]

Armed with a 20mm cannon firing through the propeller hub and two 7.92mm machineguns the Bf 109D-1 is formidable against early war aircraft. What it lacks in engine power it more than makes up for in firepower.
― Heroes & Generals


Name Penetration[1] Damage[2] Velocity Credits Cost Gold Cost
[20x80RB] 20mm Panzergranate 20mm - 40mm 30 - 40 740 m/s 1,800 HnGCurrencySymbol credits.png 21 HnGCurrencySymbol gold.png
[20x80RB] 20mm Panzerbrandgranate 40mm - 60mm 40 - 55 785 m/s 5,400 HnGCurrencySymbol credits.png 64 HnGCurrencySymbol gold.png
[20x80RB] 20mm Minengeschoß 2mm - 10mm 20 - 30 700 m/s 10,000 HnGCurrencySymbol credits.png 120 HnGCurrencySymbol gold.png


Specialist Ribbon

Vehicle Required: Messerschmitt Bf 109D-1
V SPC 224.png Messerschmitt Bf 109D-1 Specialist
Using the Messerschmitt Bf 109D-1 fighter aircraft in battle will earn you points on this ribbon.
Points are scored for damaging or killing enemy aircraft as well as ground units.
Rank 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Icon-GR-Symbol.png German Unlocks
20mm Panzerbrandgranate
20mm Minengeschoss
  1. As of 2016-4-21, the game does not yet have penetration fall off with distance.
  2. Against armor