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W MI 6.png
Type: Anti-Personnel Mine
Faction: Icon-SU-Symbol.png Soviet Union
Damage: 200
Explosion Radius: 3m
Type: Placed
Quantity: 2
Equipment Points: Equip2.png
Credits Cost: 27,500 Credits
Gold Cost: 330 Gold
Ribbon Required:
Requirement: Soviet Union- 11th Grade

United States (Recon)- 11th Grade Germany (Recon)- 11th Grade

Ribbon Required: Recon Recon
Requirement: Soviet Union (Recon)- 5th Grade

Description[edit | edit source]

"One of the most common Soviet land mines is known as the PMK-40. Employed in AT fields, ditches, and trails, it effectively causes severe injuries to personnel."

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The Soviet anti-personnel mine. It is smaller and harder for enemies to spot it than the other anti-personnel mines, but causes less damage to them because it's smaller than the others.

Due to its immense replenish cost, it is advisable to only use four PMK-40s at most in one match, or you may not recoup the credit loss for that round. PMK-40s work best when placed in chokepoints, and are most effective if placed in or around a control point. Be mindful that allies can trigger these mines as well, so ensure that your team is either aware of their placement, or that you only place them in areas of potential enemy foot traffic. For best effect, place your PMK-40s behind cover and around corners so enemies cannot spot them beforehand. They can be placed beside doorways, in hallways, or at the top of staircases.

Because of it`s small size the damage is lower than other AP-mines. If you can spare a badge slot for The Grenadier badge you can increase the damage though.