Panzer VI Tiger II Ausf. B

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Panzer VI Tiger II Ausf. B
V 51.png
Type: Heavy Tanks
Faction: Icon-GR-Symbol.png Germany
Main Cannon: 88mm KwK 43 L/71
Coaxial Gun: 7.92mm MG 34
Machine Gun: 7.92mm MG 34
Hull Armor
Front (Upper): 150 mm
Front (Lower): 100 mm
Sides (Upper): 80 mm
Sides (Lower): 80 mm
Rear: 80 mm
Top: 40 mm
Front (Turret): 180 mm
Mantlet: 100 mm
Side (Turret): 80 mm
Rear (Turret): 80 mm
Top (Turret): 40 mm
Class Restriction Tank Crewman
Passengers: 6
Max Speed: 21.3 km/h

13.2 mph

Credits Cost: 291,000 HnGCurrencySymbol credits.png
Gold Cost: 3,380 HnGCurrencySymbol gold.png
Ribbon Required: Armor Assault Armor Assault
Requirement: Germany- 12th Grade

Description[edit source]

The ‘King Tiger’ was the most potent tank of WW2. The long barreled 88mm main gun combined with superior German optics enables this beast to easily destroy any tank on the battlefield at ranges beyond 2000 meters.
― Heroes & Generals


  • The Königstiger is the largest tank in Heroes and Generals. Being massive, slow and very easy to spot, the King Tiger is best used for defensive purposes. Due to this, it should never lead an assault, even with infantry. Its massive size makes it a very easy target to land hits on, even with its strong armor and large health pool.
  • Despite being the best armored tank in the whole game, you do have a substantial amount of weakspots. The whole frontal hull is invincible, but your turret top armor, gun mantlet and the signature cupola are all vulnerable to equivalent armored vehicles of your enemy - You just can't win every time. The more distance you have between you and your enemy, the less chance they'll going to have to hit your weakspots.
  • AP rounds on the Königstiger have above average penetrating capabilities, but just like other tanks of its tier, it lacks the ability to reliably deliver 2HKs against heavy tanks.
  • Stay at long ranges. This isn't a tank you can brawl with due to it's extremely poor speed and abysmal turret rotation time. Utilize the gun's accuracy and damage potential and snipe targets at a distance.
  • The Königstiger is highly vulnerable to S.T.No.74s and H3s. Infantry can easily flank it at close range due to its low mobility and turret speed.
  • The Königstiger has the ability to double the zoom on its sight, making it effective in long ranges.
  • It can penetrate and destroy all tanks with very little effort due to its long barrelled 88mm cannon.
  • The Königstiger should always be around cover or under trees to be more difficult to spot. Remember, this tank is massive and a high value target in the battlefield.
  • Königstigers are usually one of the main priorities to being destroyed. The biggest reason to stay under trees is because of the threat of bombers; some incoming bombs will hit the trees instead of the tank.
  • If you need to engage at close quarters, always remember to show only frontal armor to the enemy - IS-2 and M26 will have a much harder time going through it than to go though the side armor.


Name Penetration[1] Damage[2] Velocity Credits Cost Gold Cost
[88x822mm R] 88mm Panzergranate 39/43 95mm - 150mm 800 - 1200 1000 m/s 7,900 HnGCurrencySymbol credits.png 94 HnGCurrencySymbol gold.png
[88x822mm R] 88mm Panzergranate 40/43 115mm - 170mm 950 - 1200 1130 m/s 19,000 HnGCurrencySymbol credits.png 220 HnGCurrencySymbol gold.png
[88x822mm R] 88mm Sprenggranatpatrone 20mm - 40mm 300 - 500 750 m/s 16,000 HnGCurrencySymbol credits.png 190 HnGCurrencySymbol gold.png


Factory Ambush DB Light Olive
Price (Credits) 266,000 HnGCurrencySymbol credits.png 80,000 HnGCurrencySymbol credits.png
Price (Gold) 1,040 HnGCurrencySymbol gold.png 320 HnGCurrencySymbol gold.png
V CAMO 1.png
V CAMO 2.png
V CAMO 3.png
V 51.png
V 51 112.png
V 51 113.png


Supply Crates can be fitted to your vehicle to aid nearby infantry.

Name Contents Credits Cost Gold Cost
Ammunition Supply Crate Ammo 1,300 HnGCurrencySymbol credits.png 15 HnGCurrencySymbol gold.png
Medic Supply Crate Health 4,400 HnGCurrencySymbol credits.png 52 HnGCurrencySymbol gold.png
Anti-tank Supply Crate Panzerfaust 60 7,500 HnGCurrencySymbol credits.png 90 HnGCurrencySymbol gold.png

Specialist Ribbon

Vehicle Required: Panzer VI 'Tiger II'
V SPC 51.png Panzer VI 'Tiger II' Specialist
Using the Panzer VI 'Tiger II' heavy tank in battle will earn you points on this ribbon.
More points are awarded for scoring hits on enemy tanks. The highest award is given for destroying enemy tanks.
Rank 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Icon-GR-Symbol.png German Unlocks
Ammunition Supply Crate
Medic Supply Crate
88mm Panzergranate 40/43
Ambush DB
Anti-Tank Supply Crate
88mm Sprenggranatpatrone

Gallery[edit | edit source]

  1. As of 2020-6-27, the game does not yet have penetration fall off with distance.
  2. Against armor