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Gameplay tips[edit | edit source]

Paratroopers are most effective when used to break enemy lines of defenses. They can parachute behind enemy lines to flank the opposing enemies, disrupting their ranks and allowing the infantry to move up. Paratroopers are very effective in large and urban environments because it's easier to surprise the enemy; killing them before they can react.

The airfield map is one of the most dangerous environments for the paratroopers. This is because of the flat terrain and clear sight-lines, with many Anti-Aircraft Guns. Since the combat on these maps is often at medium to long ranges, consider using the Gewehr 43 or FG42 (German Faction), M1 Garand or M1 Carbine (US Faction), SVT-40 (SU Faction). With Sub-Machine Guns you will have a harder time due to the short range. With that said, an MP40 or Thompson can be very powerful when used inside O3 or O2 on this map: a Paratrooper can land on the roof of O2 and clear out any entrenched defenders. After this, his best use is holding the objective, since heading outside with an SMG is a poor tactic.

Paratroopers are not as effective in Skirmishes as they are in large battles due to the small maps rendering their mobility irrelevant. But in general, paratroopers are suited with an SMG because their ability to drop in on points and clear them swiftly with these weapons is quite ideal. It is just as effective with an FG42 but requires a varied playstyle since you will not be able to run and shoot at the same time. Firing whilst walking is still possible but it does not pack as much punch as the SMG.

For a Sub-Machine Guns, you start off with the MP34 on the German Faction and with the M3 on US Faction. These are early stage weapons and lack in rate of fire (RoF). When your SMG ribbon reaches rank 5, you can upgrade to a far superior weapon: The Germans may unlock the MP40, the Americans may unlock the Thompson M1A1 and the Soviets may unlock the PPSh-41. As of the T Update, you can no longer purchase the PPSh-41 if you are playing as the US or GM Faction.

Fearsome enough whilst factory standard, once modded for rate of fire they will be the best close quarter combat weapons in the game. This is because they can be fired while jogging, and their combination of damage and high rate of fire allows them to mow down multiple opponents in under a second. The only downside is that you can only carry 128 rounds for the MP40 and 120 rounds for the Thompson.

Those who prefer extra ammunition can equip the Russian PPSH (now not able to be purchased as of the T Update) but this weapon trades rate of fire for ammunition capacity compared to the common SMGs of the two other factions. ( Note: The PPSH is not moddable). If you are short on credits, I suggest you buy the PPSH.

Becoming a Paratrooper[edit | edit source]

Once a player reaches Player Level 5, they unlock the option to buy a paratrooper soldier with credits or gold.

- Level 1 Private / Schütze (71,000 Credits or 850 Gold)

Gpara1.JPG Para1.JPG

- Level 12 Lieutenant / Leutnant (359,000 Credits or 3,700 Gold)

Para2.JPG Capture2.JPG

- Level 15 Major (715,000 Credits or 6,250 Gold)

Para3.JPG Paraacad.JPG

Paratrooper[edit | edit source]

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