QMC-4 1/4 Ton Amphibian

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QMC-4 1/4 Ton Amphibian
V 107.png
Type: Cars
Faction: Us.png United States
Class Restriction Infantry
Passengers: 6
Credits Cost: 176,000 HnGCurrencySymbol credits.png
Gold Cost: 1,050 HnGCurrencySymbol gold.png
Ribbon Required: Chauffeur Chauffeur
Requirement: Icon-US-Symbol.png - 11th Grade

Description[edit source]

The QMC-4, also known as the GPA ‘Seep’, is a light amphibious car based on the popular Willys Jeep. It is popular among troops for its ability to ferry soldiers across rivers for daring flanking tactics.
― Heroes & Generals


Factory Ardennes Four Color Olive Drab & Black
Price (Credits) 123,000 HnGCurrencySymbol credits.png 90,000 HnGCurrencySymbol credits.png
Price (Gold) 490 HnGCurrencySymbol gold.png 360 HnGCurrencySymbol gold.png
V CAMO 1.png
V CAMO 10.png
V CAMO 4.png
V 107.png
V 107 135.png
V 107 136.png

Specialist Ribbon

Vehicle Required: QMC-4 1/4 Ton Amphibian
V SPC 107.png QMC-4 1/4 Ton Amphibian
Using the QMC-4 1/4 Ton Amphibian amphibious vehicle in battle will earn you points on this ribbon.
Points are awarded for transporting soldiers into battle.
Rank 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Icon-US-Symbol.png American Unlocks
Olive Drab & Black
Ardennes Four Color