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A "squad" in Heroes & Generals is used to teamplay with a group of people. It is also the easiest way to play with friends in the same battle.

A squad is a sub-group of characters playing together, inside a faction. It is the first step of teamplay, and thus the first step to victory. The squad is composed of a Squad Leader, who can issue orders, and of Squad members. Working together will give bonus XP to all members of the squad.

Squad[edit | edit source]

Creating/managing a Squad[edit | edit source]

Squad button

In the lobby, you can invite friends and customize squad (click the "Squad button" at the lower of the screen to access the squad menu). Else, the game will automatically try to find a squad buddy (rank will determine leader). After a game, all members of a squad remain in the same squad, and can continue playing together, as long as no one wants to leave the team.

If you would like to dismiss a squad member or leave the squad, you just need to go to the scoreboard (default 'Tab'), then either find yourself on the scoreboard then press left mouse button and select 'Leave Squad', or select the member of squad you like to dismiss, press left mouse button to dismiss the member from your squad. During the battle, you won't be able to get back into a squad after leaving a squad. For squad leader, the squad spot would be locked for the rest of the match after one of the member being dismissed. So think twice before you leave/dismiss someone from the squad.

Squads in War[edit | edit source]

In war, unlike in staged battles, you have the ability to queue up for specific battles.
In order to do so, you have to open the war map, look at the ongoing battles (burning cities or burning points in between cities) and discuss with your squad which one you would like to join.
There are several criteria that have to be fulfilled to be able to join as well as a way to increase your chance of getting in. More information on that: Joining Specific War Battles

Squad Leader[edit | edit source]

The Squad Leader is a temporary hierarchical rank lasting during a battle. The highest ranked member of each Assault Team is automatically made the Squad Leader for that squad. Note that Rank 6 is also required, else the Squad Leader will be called Squad Leader Cadet, and will not be able to issue commands or customize the squad. A Squad Leader (incl. Cadet) can also choose/change the spawning point of his squad.

Customizing Squad[edit | edit source]


Squad customization example, adding auxiliary seats
  • This system is no longer in the game.

Additional slots[edit | edit source]

A Squad leader can add additional slots for members in his squad:

  • An Infantry Squad has 2 basic member slots besides the leader and 3 more can be added.
  • An Armor Squad has 1 basic member slot and 2 more can be added.

Auxiliary seats[edit | edit source]

Additionally, the Squad leader can add Auxiliary Seats. By adding an Auxiliary Seat to a Squad, one Squad member can change to a soldier of another type during battle.
E.g.: if the Squad leader of an Infantry Squad adds a Paratrooper and a Tank Crewman Auxiliary Seat, the Squad members will have the possibility to switch to these soldiers, one at a time.

  • You can set up to 3 seats, but each seat needs 1 additional squad upgrade point.
  • Each seat can only be taken by one person at a time. With e.g. 1 recon seat, only one of the squad members can spawn his recon soldier until he switches back to infantry.
    • of course, that the member using the seat has a soldier of the respective type and the resources are available on the map.
  • Even with auxiliary seats, each player joining the squad must have a character corresponding to the squad (e.g. tankist for a tanker squad).

When running a special type of squad (Armour squad, Recon squad, Fighter squad or Paratrooper squad), it is highly advised to always have an auxiliary seat to swap to infantry if necessary.

E.g.: Play

Note that the choices made with Squad points (additional players, auxiliary seats) are temporary. By removing a seat, you get back the points.

Choosing spawning point[edit | edit source]

One the map, before spawning, a Squad Leader can change his spawning point (Shield icon Squad icon.png). Doing so, all his squad will be affected and spawn at the same spot.

Issuing commands[edit | edit source]

Issuing orders: press Q, point the objective, left click. (then release Q ^^)

By pressing 'Q', a Squad Leader (minimum rank 6) can issue orders regarding control points or zones: Attack, Defend, etc. While holding 'Q', move your cursor to the desired location and press left mouse button to confirm your order. The order automatically adapts to the objective: pointing a friendly point will issue a "defend" command, while pointing a neutral or enemy one will issue an "attack" one. Note that, by pressing 'Q', you will also see the other orders given by other squads (see picture on the right).

The Squad Leader only commands his OWN assault team, so you cannot give orders to players that are part of other ATs.

The Squad Member Ribbon progression

Squad members obeying the orders will give an XP bonus to both the Squad Member and Squad Leader, and will unlock Squad Leader and Squad Member ribbons.

Attack[edit | edit source]

With clicking ‘Q’ and ‘Mouse 1’ the Squad Leader can give the command to, for example, attack a control point. Hovering over the point will show you, if another friendly Squad has set an order on the point already, which gives you the opportunity to coordinate with the whole team.

The whole Squad will be awarded with experience for the Squad Member Ribbon for Members and the Squad Leader Ribbon for the Squad Leader as well as Rank experience, once any of you arrive at the control point, kill enemies near the control point (100m) or finally when the point is captured. The capture will conclude the Attack order.

Defend[edit | edit source]

The Squad leader can now set the order Defend on the point. The Defend order emphasizes tactical play with the whole team. A Defend order is successful, when the next Capture point on the Access Line is neutralized.

Rally[edit | edit source]

A third command can be given by Infantry, Recon and Paratrooper Squad leaders – Rally. After a completed attack, a Squad Leader might want to gather his comrades before advancing further or defending a control point. The Rally command can be given by ‘Q’ and ‘Mouse 1’ click to any place but Control Points. Once every Squad Member reached the Rally point, experience is awarded and the Command is concluded.

Clear Area[edit | edit source]

Another command, only usable by Tankcrew and Pilot Squad Leaders is Clear Area. This is given in the same way as Rally and experience is gained when enemies are killed in this area