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Dear, Lienrag99

I am sorry to have upset you, I had thought that the current details regarding the vehicles was quite underwhelming and messy, however I will admit that it was my fault as I did not have the proper time to complete the article but saved it anyways. I ask for your forgiveness and if it is okay with you, I will rework the vehicle page, however this time instead of completely removing information I will simply add on what is already there. However there are somethings I may change for example, the vehicle armaments differ from eachother even though they are the same (50. Caliber MG, 12.7x99 MG .etc) and the vehicle comments stating non-factual evidence such as the M18's saying "Best Tank Destroyer in-game". Once again I am very sorry I had upset you, I just want to remind you that my intention is to help improve the database in which many players of this community go to to learn about a game they enjoy.

Sincerely, xxNoobTubezz