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Recon is a level 0 Assault Team, requires 1 Command Point, and has a movement speed of 0.7. A standard Recon Assault Team does not have any vehicle resources, and only has 20 Recon resources. A good Recon in War can earn Recon Assault Team commanders lots of Warfunds due to a Recon's ability to hide and attack from afar without being noticed, making use of 8.0x magnification scopes, Camouflage combat badge. and one-hit-kill bolt-action modifications.
AssaultTeam Recon.jpg
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Commanded By
Rank 12 Recon, General
Upgrades To

AssaultTeam MotorizedRecon.jpg

Click AT icon to see upgrade.

Enables soldier type Enables vehicle types
GE Recon.png V 71.png
Recon Recon Vehicles
United States
Enables soldier type Enables vehicle types
US Recon.png TransparentGreyhound.png
Recon Recon Vehicles
Soviet Union
Enables soldier type Enables vehicle types
SU Recon.png V 44.png
V 47.png
Recon Recon Vehicles